Machine Gun Menace

Hollywood shouldn’t glorify this bible-thumping, pistol-packing vigilante.


"The Lord I serve is the living Lord Jesus. And to show you he’s alive, I’m going to send you to meet him right now!" — from Another Man’s War, by Sam Childers

As a blockbuster plot, it’s hard to beat: The Rev. Sam Childers was on a mission from God. In an effort to escape the demons of a misspent life of petty crime and violence, he left his bad-boy biker ways behind and dove headfirst into one of the world’s bloodiest civil wars, armed to the teeth, personally rescuing child soldiers from the grasp of a brutal African militia. Childers then sold his worldly possessions to build an orphanage to house the rescued children and is now going after the man responsible for their suffering — and by the grace of God he will, with great vengeance and furious anger, kill him. Personally.

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