Pioneer Ups Apple’s Ante With AirPlay-Ready Receiver

  • Pioneer VSX-1021-K
  • · $550

Reviewed by Christopher Jones 

It hasn’t taken long for iTunes and iPods to worm their way into our car and living room stereos, but it’s been a bumpy ride along the way. Mixing and matching traditional stereo components with newfangled computer software and devices is too often a prescription for a troubleshooting headache and frazzled nerves.

Pioneer aims to make this analog-digital marriage a smoother ride with the VSX-1021-K, a 7.1-channel AV receiver with a booming 90 watts per channel. It’s an affordable, network-savvy receiver that plays nice with Apple’s iTunes and iGadgets, and it doesn’t require an IT administrator or a bottle of Advil to get the ball rolling.

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