The Art of Struggle by Michel Houellebecq

There’s a mordant humour at play in Michel Houellebecq’s poetry, says Paul Batchelor Illustration: Clifford Harper/ Depression is poet’s flu: we all get it sooner or later. Michel Houellebecq is unusual in that he has brought the black dog indoors and put it to work. In his fiction, Houellebecq unashamedly projects his depression on to … Continue reading

La carte et le territoire by Michel Houellebecq

George Walden detects signs of mellowing in this impressive novel by French literature’s most famous provocateur  Sunday 10 October 2010 Michel Houellebecq. Photograph: Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty Images "The writer whose works the Goncourt judges handle with their fingertips, fearful of dirtying their hands", as a critic on Le Monde has put it, is in the process … Continue reading

To Houelle and Becq, or Leaks of a Different Sort

Macy Halford If a work lifts material protected by a Creative Commons-BY-SA license, does it automatically become CC-BY-SA licensed itself? That is the question being considered this week in France, where a blogger named Florent Gallaire recently posted the entirety of Michel Houllebecq’s latest novel, "La Carte et le Territoire," a few days ahead of … Continue reading