For decades, our view of heredity has been written in the language of DNA — and genetic mutations and recombinations have driven most descriptions of how phenotypic traits are handed down from one generation to another. Yet, as is amply demonstrated in Science‘sspecial issue of 10 August 2001, recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics … Continue reading

Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny

JOHN CLOUD The remote, snow-swept expanses of northern Sweden are an unlikely place to begin a story about cutting-edge genetic science. The kingdom’s northernmost county, Norrbotten, is nearly free of human life; an average of just six people live in each square mile. And yet this tiny population can reveal a lot about how genes … Continue reading

Large-Scale Autism Study Reveals Disorder’s Genetic Complexity

Although unique genetic variations in children with autism are nearly as rare as they are in the general population, comprehensive studies are starting to find patterns in disrupted genes and pathways By Katherine Harmon. The vast array of behaviors that are seen in autism spectrum disorder seems to cover an even deeper range of genetic … Continue reading