Rick Sanchez’s Prejudices—and Mine

Finding your inner bigot. By Shankar Vedantam Every year in the United States, fatigue, confusion, and carelessness conspire to offer us a teachable moment about prejudice. Every year, we blow it. Rick Sanchez’s tirade against Jews who control the media was the latest offering. Previous installments include a) Henry Louis "Skip" Gates getting arrested inside … Continue reading

Will Harvard do the right thing? (Updated)

Posted By Stephen M. Walt Writing in yesterday’s New York Times, Nicholas Kristof called attention to a recent blog post by New Republic editor Martin Peretz. Here’s what Peretz had to say about American Muslims, in the context of the current debate over the Park 51 project and the rising tide of Islamophobia here in … Continue reading

Does Surveillance Make Us Morally Better?

Emrys Westacott asks a probing question. Imagine that right after briefing Adam about which fruit was allowed and which forbidden, God had installed a closed-circuit television camera in the garden of Eden, trained on the tree of knowledge. Think how this might have changed things for the better. The serpent sidles up to Eve and … Continue reading