Zero Gets More Features, Pulls Cool Stoppie

By Chuck Squatriglia Zero Motorcycles has added a slew of features to its electric motorcycles. Every model finally gets (optional) 220-volt charging capacity, which means you’re good to go in about two hours. And if you’re lucky enough to find a public charging station, the bikes sport (an optional) J1772 universal plug. Look for slicker … Continue reading

A Ural, From Russia With Love, by Way of Philly

By Chuck Squatriglia    Our favorite clinical neuropsychologist is back with another amazing custom motorcycle, this one based on just about the last bike you’d think anyone would customize. After knocking everyone’s socks off with the Jack Pine — his tasty take on the Triumph Scrambler — and then fueling our lust with the Volta … Continue reading

Hockern Takes ‘Extreme Sitting’ to New Level

By Erik Malinowski Of all the things we take for granted — fresh air, hot pizza, Scarlett Johansson — sitting down surely ranks somewhere near the top. But no longer! A couple of enterprising young entrepreneurs in Germany want to make sure you never forget the thrill of setting your behind down after a long … Continue reading

Building Muscle Doesn’t Require Lifting Heavy Weights, Study Shows

Current gym dogma holds that to build muscle size you need to lift heavy weights. However, a new study conducted at McMaster University has shown that a similar degree of muscle building can be achieved by using lighter weights. The secret is to pump iron until you reach muscle fatigue. The findings are published in … Continue reading

Mountain Bike-Related Injuries Down 56 Percent, According to a U.S. National Study

Mountain biking, also known as off-road biking, is a great way to stay physically active while enjoying nature and exploring the outdoors. The good news is that mountain biking-related injuries have decreased. A new study conducted by researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital found … Continue reading

Benefits of Outdoor Exercise Confirmed

A systematic review carried out by a team at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry has analysed existing studies and concluded that there are benefits to mental and physical well-being from taking exercise in the natural environment. Their findings are published in the research journal Environmental Science and Technology on February 4th 2011. A … Continue reading

Frame of Mind: Inside the Lost Art of Building Handmade Bikes

By Chuck Squatriglia  Jim Merithew/ It happens about this time each year. The hardcore gather for the Grasshopper Adventure Series, underground rides held every few weeks in the always picturesque and often hilly rural areas north of San Francisco. They’re more than training rides but not quite races, the kind of thing where a guy … Continue reading

Exercise reverses brain volume loss in the elderly

By John Timmer  … Over the course of the year, the control group that performed stretching exercises saw a small, 1.4 percent decline in the volume of the hippocampus, a brain region associated with memory. The exercising elderly, in contrast, saw the volume increase by a bit over two percent. The changes were specific to … Continue reading

London’s 2012 Olympic Venues Take Shape

By Erik Malinowski  The long-awaited 2012 Summer Olympics in London are now less then 550 days away, and the structures and venues that will be playing host to events ranging from archery from water polo are already taking shape, dotting the British landscape with stadiums and venues that should last long beyond the Games of … Continue reading

Peaked performance

The case that human athletes have reached their limits By Paul Kix  Last summer, David Oliver tried to become one of the fastest men in the world. The American Olympic hurdler had run a time of 12.89 seconds in the 110 meters at a meet in Paris in July. The time was two-100ths of a … Continue reading

New Allegations: Lance Armstrong Doped With an Experimental Drug

Armstrong has always denied the doping charges, and he continues to in the wake of a major investigation published this week by Sports Illustrated. But this time around, reporters Selena Roberts and David Epstein allege something new: That Armstrong illegally acquired and took an experimental drug called HemAssist, which never got beyond clinical trials. So … Continue reading

Peek Inside Mission’s Electric Superbike

By Chuck Squatriglia The Mission Motors race-prepped superbike is one impressive looking machine, and a rare look under the skin reveals it’s every bit as hot when stripped naked. Mission Motors unveiled the Mission R last month at the International Motorcycle Show, and it looked like something you’d see from Ducati. It is easily among … Continue reading

A Sabermetrics Video Unlike Any You’ve Seen

By Erik Malinowski Sabermetrics, the study and analysis of advanced baseball statistics, is not for everyone. It really does take a special kind of fan to devote time to this endlessly informative and often maddeningly difficult science to master. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll go over easier-to-grasp concepts called FIP, or Fielding Independent … Continue reading

Electric Superbike Kicks Some Gas-Bike Ass

By Chuck Squatriglia Chip Yates has made racing history and proven the viability of electric motorcycles by going head-to-head with race-ready gasoline machines — and beating them. Yates, who has spent months developing an electric superbike worthy of the name, finished on the podium in two classes at the WERA Heavyweight Twins races on Sunday. … Continue reading

Adidas Unveils Lightest Football Cleat Ever

By Kyle Stack If speed kills in football, then Adidas would seem to have the perfect shoe for maximizing it. When Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller and Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry took to the gridiron on Sunday, they weren’t wearing their usual adiZero Scorch footwear, which weigh a still-featherweight 8.6 ounces each. … Continue reading

How Zip Ties Can Help You Bike Through a Blizzard

By Dylan F. Tweney Don’t get stuck in the snow because of Snowpocalypse 2010. With the right gear, you can still ride to work — on your bike. One of the cheapest winter bike hacks is to attach zip ties to your tires. It’s a quick-and-dirty way of giving yourself some much-needed traction on icy, … Continue reading

Climbing Mount Everest: Noble Adventure or Selfish Pursuit?

Adventure seekers are plunking down more than $50,000 to climb Mount Everest, but a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research finds that people who pay for transformative experiences often lack the communitarian spirit that usually defines such activities. "In order to escape the rules, contraptions, and stresses of daily life in the city, … Continue reading

A Cup of Plenty?

Emerging countries deserve the World Cup, but FIFA needs to get its act together to make sure that the global showcase doesn’t do more harm than good. BY PARAG KHANNA, KARIM MAKDISI This month Britain dispatched a delegation of smooth-talking spokesmen — including Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William — to Zurich, where the … Continue reading

Livestrong Stationary Bike Wins ‘Tour de Bedroom’

By Charlie Sorrel The Livestrong Limited Edition Indoor Cycle differs from all other stationary bikes in just one way: It looks totally bad-ass. The bike, which comes in the trademark yellow-and-black colorway, will cost $1,600, $1,000 of which goes to Livestrong, Lance Armstrong’s cancer charity. Just 500 will be made, and there are several Lance … Continue reading

C3 X132 Hellcat: the toughest, lightest, fastest AND cheapest Confederate streetbike ever

Loz Blain  The Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat: Fighter series "This C3 Hellcat has the highest rear wheel torque to weight ratio, compared anywhere throughout the operating RPM range, in all of motordom, by far." Dig into ’em, those words are bold, aggressive and unmistakably American – much like the cyber-brute bikes that come out of … Continue reading

For Barbadians, Road Tennis Rules the Streets

Erik Malinowski As dominant as Roger Federer is at traditional tennis, there does exist an offshoot of the sport that the super Swiss would have trouble mastering. It’s called road tennis, and it’s been one of Barbados’ best-kept secrets for decades. Created in the 1930s by those who couldn’t afford to play lawn tennis, road … Continue reading

Russia and Qatar to host World Cup

Andrew Swift FIFA today announced that Russia would host the 2018 World Cup and … Qatar … would host the 2022 Cup. Obviously this is shocking news across the sporting and football worlds. So why Russia and Qatar? Russia, actually, makes a certain amount of sense. In the end, it seemed like the choice had … Continue reading

Cadaver Legs Give New Insights Into Athletes’ Ligament Tears

Brian Mossop Knee ligament injuries can strike at any time and be utterly devastating to an athlete’s career. A former Harvard wide receiver–turned–orthopedic surgeon is dedicated to finding new ways to prevent such an ailment from dashing players’ dreams of professional stardom, but it’s the methods in his Long Island lab that might give Mark … Continue reading

Obama Takes an Elbow: 12 Stitches

Joel Dreyfuss President Obama holds a piece of gauze to his lip. President Obama is known for having game. Apparently, being chief executive means nothing when you play a friendly basketball game with your friends. The president took an elbow to the lip from another player during a Friday-morning pickup game that required 12 stitches, … Continue reading

Scottish Street Biker Conquers Hometown’s Hidden Places

Erik Malinowski Watching street biker Danny MacAskill completely own urban settings on just two wheels and a titanium pair of cojones must be what it was like to watch Babe Ruth take batting practice. That is, you’re witnessing an athlete who was born to do a certain thing and do it better than anyone else. … Continue reading

Boxing in Nigeria

An ancient form of pugilism is thriving Socking it to each other in Sokoto AT AN army barracks in Sokoto, a dusty market town in northern Nigeria, two men, each with one fist wrapped in coarse rope, are circling each other in a sandpit. Roaring spectators and a band of drummers surround them. This is … Continue reading

For Cycling Geeks, Garmin’s Edge 800 Is Must-Have Kit

Garmin Edge 800 $650 as tested Reviewed by Jackson Lynch Garmin, the global GPS innovator has recently introduced the Edge 800, the world’s first touchscreen GPS cycling computer. My road bike already had the Garmin sensors onboard, so once the 800 was powered up and locked on the satellites, it immediately recognized my bike’s speed … Continue reading

Army Fitness Challenge

Think you can pass the Army Physical Fitness Test? Prove it! by Jeff Decker Whether or not you’re thinking of enlisting, who doesn’t want the body and stamina of a soldier at his peak? Taking the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is a good way to test your mettle. A 30-year-old man needs to do … Continue reading

Al Qaeda Bombings, Drive-By Shootings, and Penalty Kicks?

In two weeks, a major international soccer tournament will be held in southern Yemen — one of the most dangerous places on Earth. What are they thinking? BY LAURA KASINOF SANAA, Yemen – International sporting events can be a great way for a country to rehabilitate its image. For two weeks in 2008, for instance, … Continue reading

Meet Asher Bradshaw, the 7-Year-Old Skateboarding Phenom

Erik Malinowski When you were seven years old, chances are you were playing with Transformers, tossing the ball around on the diamond, or just hoping you could get that basketball to hit the rim if you tried really hard. Although, the chances are even greater that you weren’t thrashing skate parks like Tony Hawk. Meet … Continue reading

LiveRider turns your iPhone into a cycling computer

By Eric Bangeman … for a cyclist, a GPS only goes so far, as it tells you little about how you’re riding. There’s no cadence feedback. That’s why I was intrigued by the LiveRider, which turns any iPhone or iPod touch into a cycling computer via a 2.4GHz "cycling computer dongle" that plugs into the … Continue reading

Exercise: The Cure for the Common Cold?

By Christen Brownlee Cold season may feel like a spin on the viral roulette wheel, with little you can actively do to prevent getting sick. But a new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that staying well could be as simple as ramping up your workout routine. The study showed that people … Continue reading

The Perfect Stride

Can Alberto Salazar straighten out American distance running? by Jennifer Kahn Salazar overhauled the marathoner Dathan Ritzenhein’s stride. If on Sunday, November 7th, you watch the New York City Marathon, chances are that one of the first things you’ll see is a pack of emaciated-looking men hurtling down the street at a little over twelve … Continue reading

Transform Your Driveway With This Barricade

By Chuck Squatriglia Hey Transformers fans — here’s your chance to put a Decepticon in your driveway. Or at least a Saleen Mustang done up to look like one. Fans of the Transformers movie will know that Barricade was a hunter-scout for the Decepticons. Tuner extraordinaire Steve Saleen customized three 2005 Saleen S281 Mustangs for … Continue reading

China’s Field of Dreams

The Chinese are falling in love with America’s national pastime. And it might not be long before a kid from Wuxi is throwing fastballs in Boston. BY BENJAMIN HAAS Huadin Danzin, who grew up a nomad on the Tibetan plateau mostly concerned with tending his yaks, is today consumed by one burning ambition: throwing a … Continue reading

Marathons, Without Proper Training, Can Be Silently Heart-Hazardous

By Erik Malinowski Finishing that first marathon that you’ve trained so hard for can bring on elation and euphoria, but hopefully it doesn’t also bring on temporary heart damage. Canadian researchers have found, using MRI, that some marathoners can damage parts of their left ventricle for up to three months following a strenuous marathon. Using … Continue reading

Running barefoot blunts foot’s force

Going shoeless tempers impact, but effect on injuries uncertain By Laura Sanders  The shod Kenyan runner on the left strikes the ground with his heel, creating a rapid, large collision force, while the barefoot runner on the right lands on the ball of her foot, avoiding a high collision force. Benton et. al. The clothes … Continue reading

Crazy-Rugged Casio Is a Titan Among Tough Timepieces

by Michael S. Lasky Think of Casio’s latest Pathfinder watch as a rugged, multitasking, tougher-than-a-titanium sledgehammer, time keeping device. Really, it’s the chronometer equivalent of Bear Grylls. Except that it doesn’t order you around and sleep in a hotel when it’s feeling cold. No this badass is an all-in-one tool armed with a digital compass, … Continue reading

Marathon Math: How Not to Hit the Wall

By Laura Sanders, Science News  “A 10-second difference in pace per mile could make the difference between success and a dramatic failure,” says Rapoport, of Harvard Medical School and MIT, who experienced his own traumatic wall splat in the 2005 New York City Marathon. He started out pushing too hard, he says, and was out … Continue reading

Banned Shoes Bring Big Business to Basketball Startup

Erik Malinowski Meet the sneakers that are too good for the NBA. The Concept 1, a $300 basketball shoe that features a proprietary springlike device under the balls of the feet, has been banned by the league since it may, in the words of a league spokesperson, give players an “undue competitive advantage.” Called Load … Continue reading

Butler’s Hoop Dreams Hang on Fitness, Conditioning

By Brad Stenger When the Butler University men’s basketball team made its dramatic run through the 2010 NCAA tournament, it had to go through some of the sport’s powerhouse programs: Syracuse, Kansas State and Michigan State. Finally, a loss to Duke in the national championship game ended Butler’s Cinderella run, but to keen observers of … Continue reading

Pedal Powered Submarine Dives to 20-Feet

By Charlie Sorrel The Scubster is an underwater bike, a pedal powered submarine with twin propellors that push it through the water at a speedy 5mph. The sub is French, and has been in testing this Summer. The inventor, Stephane Rousson, hopes that rich little boys will buy it as a toy for their expensive … Continue reading

Higher, Colder, Deadlier

Mont Blanc is Western Europe’s tallest mountain, and the world’s deadliest. For four young English climbers—friends since boarding school, two of whom, Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper, had already become the youngest Britons to scale Everest—it held the promise of adventure, camaraderie, and escape from mundane worries. But on January 9, as the author reports, … Continue reading

Drugs in Sports

Michael Shermer The choice of drugs for “performance enhancement” that now confronts the athlete is a bewildering array of highly specialized products for various desired effects. In virtually every case, however, the doping athlete runs the risk of side effects that range from the merely inconvenient to the life-threatening. This table is only illustrative; no … Continue reading

Doping in Sports

At the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics, the East German women’s swim team won eleven of thirteen events. This would have been an astonishing feat for any country; it was all the more so for a small nation. Publicly, the press celebrated this notable event. But behind the scenes, a number of organizations began quietly investigating. … Continue reading

By Losing Weight, Tennis Pro Quickly Gains Ground

By Jeremy Repanich At 28 years old and approaching the downside of his career, a rib injury kept American tennis player Mardy Fish out of last year’s US Open. A few weeks after the tournament, nursing two bad knees, he had the left one surgically repaired and realized his chronic pains and slipping world ranking … Continue reading

Hiking Boots – Features & Characteristics

When looking for and comparing Hiking Boots, it is important to know the features Hiking Boots can have and understand how they work. In this section, we will look at some of the most important and common characteristics of Hiking Boots: Hiking Boot Aspects Hiking Boots have a couple of characteristics that determine how they … Continue reading

Hiking Boot Types – Different Types of Hiking Boots

There is no such thing as "the Hiking Boot". There are many types and variations and knowing about them is the first step to Buying the Right Hiking Boots. All Hiking Boots come with their own Hiking Boot Features & Characteristics. The categories differ from country to country and from person to person. Choosing the … Continue reading

Performed Properly Everything is a Core Drill

By Chris Collins Core training is still definitely a hot topic. Whether it be the individual with low pain, the athlete seeking to improve their performance or the average person who wants to look and feel good, core training is often at the center of their program. When we think of core training certain images … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Thigh

How did Colorado get to be the skinniest state? By Juliet Lapidos Is it all those outdoor activities that make Coloradans skinny?Colorado is the least obese state, according to the "increasing girth rate" graphic in Tuesday’s Washington Post. Just 19.1 percent of its population had a body mass index of 30 or more in 2009, … Continue reading