The economics of Olympic success

  Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier evaluate the economics of olympic success and how to boost a country’s medal count Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier “The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual or team events and not between countries.” — International Olympic Committee “USA, USA, USA” — American sports fans We are again … Continue reading

Excessive Endurance Training Can Be Deadly

Micah True, legendary ultra-marathoner, died suddenly while on a routine 12-mile training run March 27, 2012. The mythic Caballo Blanco in the best-selling book, Born to Run, True would run as far as 100 miles in a day. On autopsy his heart was enlarged and scarred; he died of a lethal arrhythmia (irregularity of the … Continue reading

Screening for heart problems?

Andy Coghlan The collapse of footballer Fabrice Muamba on live television on 17 March has sparked a debate about how often athletes should be screened for heart abnormalities. Could regular screening prevent sudden cardiac arrests?   What abnormalities actually cause sudden cardiac death? The most common one, accounting for about 35 per cent of cases, … Continue reading

Green tea could mask testosterone doping

Peter Aldous ATHLETES who cheat by doping themselves with testosterone may be able to mask their actions by drinking green tea. Large quantities might even provide a legal performance boost by raising levels of testosterone in the blood. Abuse of testosterone is hard to spot because the steroid hormone is found naturally in men and … Continue reading

Bodyweight exercises for fitness

Pushups Calculator: Pushups training programs: Pullups training program: Squats training program: Situps training program:   Body Fat Calculator Body Fat Calculator Basal Metabolic Rate & Body Mass Index

Caffeine Increases Sport Performance

Caffeine combined with carbohydrate could be used to help athletes perform better on the field, according to new research by a sport nutrition expert. Mayur Ranchordas, a senior lecturer and performance nutritionist at Sheffield Hallam University, carried out studies on footballers using caffeine and carbohydrates combined in a drink. Along with improvements in endurance caused … Continue reading

Are Yogasms Real?

Yoga has long been known for its metaphysical benefits to mind and body, but devotees are talking openly about the orgasmic pleasure they experience during practice. Lizzie Crocker reports. “The first time it happened to me I was in Sharon Gannon’s class at Jivamukti, and I was in forward bend,” says Kelly Morris, a yoga … Continue reading

Vigorous Daily Exercise Recommended for a Longer Life

A study conducted among cyclists in Copenhagen, Denmark showed that it is the relative intensity and not the duration of cycling which is of most importance in relation to all-cause mortality and even more pronounced for coronary heart disease mortality. The study, presented at the ESC Congress 2011, concluded that men with fast intensity cycling … Continue reading

Can Leucine Help Burn Fat and Spare Muscle Tissue During Exercise?

Research on Mt. Everest climbers is adding to the evidence that an amino acid called leucine — found in foods, dietary supplements, energy bars and other products — may help people burn fat during periods of food restriction, such as climbing at high altitude, while keeping their muscle tissue. It was one of two studies … Continue reading


The women’s track and field record book needs to be expunged. Edward McClelland Jarmila Kratochvilova wins the 800 m event in a time of 1:54.68 at the 1983 World Championships In 1983, Jarmila Kratochvilova, a previously mediocre 32-year-old Czech middle distance runner, set a world record in the 800-meter run. Soon, Kratochvilova was the cover … Continue reading

King of the deep

Lobster fishing is the greatest summer sport lex Renton As sporting fishermen head north and west this August, sorting reels, rods and flies, I shall be fixing ropes and buoys and savouring last year’s bucket of rotten coley. For me, the pastime of plucking wild animals from the water is not done by flogging the … Continue reading

Three years more life for 15 minutes’ exercise a day

Andy Coghlan Calling all couch potatoes. You can live an extra three years if you exercise for just 15 minutes a day – half the 30-minute minimum prescribed by the World Health Organization. That’s the heart-warming news from an eight-year study on 400,000 people of all ages in Taiwan. Further studies will be needed to … Continue reading

Free Diver Pursues World Records at Deadly Depths

Corbis In an interview with SPIEGEL, French free diver Guillaume Néry discusses the dangerous pursuit of world records, the art of holding his breath for up to eight minutes and how diving can help humans rethink their relationship to water. … Read More>> Guillaume Néry, 29, is a free diver in the Constant Weight Apnea … Continue reading

Battery-Powered Surfboard Makes Cheating More Fun Than Ever

WaveJet Sports and Outdoors · $4,800 Reviewed by Mark Anders Photo: Spencer Higgins Motors may not have much to do with traditional surfing, but then neither does the arm-flailing that beginners do right before they miss another set. WaveJet boards have a pair of battery-powered water jets that can propel surfers at up to 12 … Continue reading

More Sleep Means Better Performance for Athletes

Erik Malinowski More than tweaking nutrition or adjusting a workout regimen, there’s something more tangible and important that athletes (as well as perhaps we regular folk) can do to improve their performance: sleep more. Researchers at Stanford University took 11 players from its men’s basketball squad and gave them a simple directive: Get at least … Continue reading

Cartier Automatic Watch Is Some Classy, Drool-Worthy Bling

Cartier Calibre Sports and Outdoors · $7,000 Reviewed by Michael S. Lasky A $20 drug store watch will do if all you want is the time, but luxury watches are about more than just counting hours and minutes. To be honest, many people buy luxury watches — generally, any watch priced at over $1,000 — … Continue reading

Strength Training for Grandma and Grandpa

People lose 30% of their muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70 years. However, maintaining muscle strength in old age is enormously important in order to maintain mobility and to be able to lead an independent life and manage everyday tasks independently. In the current issue of Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, Frank Mayer and … Continue reading

The Return of the Blades?

Julia Felsenthal On a recent early summer evening, I found myself strolling along a bustling thoroughfare in downtown Manhattan, taking stock of the myriad attractive and well-heeled people with whom I shared the sidewalk. Women in worn cut-offs and gladiator sandals strode by arm-in-arm with men in cuffed jeans and brogues. Flocks of girls in … Continue reading

Hips For Walking, Ankles For Running

In a first-of-its-kind study comparing human walking and running motions — and whether the hips, knees or ankles are the most important power sources for these motions — researchers at North Carolina State University show that the hips generate more of the power when people walk, but the ankles generate more of the power when … Continue reading

Testosterone not Booze increases Auto Fatalities

Matt Shipman Dr. Stacy Wood Closely contested major sporting events are followed by a significant increase in traffic fatalities for fans of the winning team, according to new research from North Carolina State University. It turns out there may be more on the line than many sports fans bargained for. “A previous study showed that … Continue reading

Bobby Fischer: from prodigy to pariah

He played some of the most sublime chess ever seen. Then, as a new book and film illustrate, he disappeared from view. What made such a brilliant mind go into freefall? Andrew Anthony Bobby Fischer, right, and Boris Spassky in their world championship meeting on 31 August 1972. Photograph: J. Walter Green/AP In 1999, I … Continue reading

Next post A Vincent Black Shadow for the Modern Era

Chuck Squatriglia Ian Barry and the crew at Falcon Motorcycles have rolled out another beautiful custom, this one a riff on the venerable Vincent Black Shadow. The Black Shadow was an incredible machine that essentially set the benchmark for performance through the 1950s. It was blindingly quick, something Rollie Free proved at Bonneville in 1948. … Continue reading

Super Cub Pilot Needs Mere Feet to Take Off

By Jason Paur KNIK RIVER, Alaska – Unlike other places where speed may dominate pilot discussions, up here it’s all about how slow you can go. It’s directly related to how quickly you can get off the ground and how little room you need to land. It’s called STOL, or “short take-off and landing,” and … Continue reading

American Forces Soak Up Local Afghan Sports

By Erik Malinowski No matter the reason, when you find yourself in a foreign land far from home, immersing yourself in the local sports customs can quickly bring forth a sense of comfort few other acts can. It’s like going to an English soccer match, or hailing jai alai in Spain. Sports can often unite … Continue reading

Does Exercise Really Boost Your Mood?

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Lawrence Wee/Getty There exists a large and soothing body of scientific literature suggesting that regular exercise can improve someone’s mood and fight anxiety. And then there is this experiment from Germany, in which researchers placed running wheels in the cages of a group of laboratory mice and let them exercise at will. … Continue reading

Superlight Electric Wolf

By Wes Siler Every electric racing motorcycle we’ve seen so far has suffered from one major problem: Physics. They’re all perfectly capable of transforming electrons into motive power. And some, like Chip Yates’ 190.6-mph beast, are blindingly quick. But in their pursuit of powertrain innovation, the people building these machines have overlooked, if not forgotten, … Continue reading

Exercise Accessories Help You Measure Up

RunKeeper, MapMyRun · Under $100 Dylan Tweney Can a smartphone help you train better? Maybe — if you’re the kind of person who gets obsessed over logging every workout, tracking your pace and counting how many miles per week you’ve averaged. And if you’re that kind of person, there’s a host of apps and gadgets … Continue reading

Go Commando With This Warzone-Ready Backpack

Killspencer Special Ops Backpack · $340 Reviewed by Bryan Gardiner Plenty of bags offer some dubious blend of vintage military styling and modern geek utility. They should start taking notes from Killspencer’s lineup. Witness the Special Ops backpack. While this slightly reworked version remains just as streamlined as the original, designer Spencer Nikosey and his … Continue reading

Scion FR-S Concept Is So Hot, We Can Taste It

By Jalopnik By Justin Hyde, Jalopnik After the most difficult gestation since someone decided “Spiderman” needed to be a musical, the Scion FR-S Concept finally appeared at the New York Auto Show, carrying the hopes for a true compact rear-wheel-drive sports car — actually coated in candy. The latest iteration of the Toyota-Subaru joint venture … Continue reading

12 Lust-Worthy Toys From Bike Fest

By John Bradley With something like 50 bike races — road and mountain — spread over four days, the Sea Otter Classic has become the unofficial kickoff to the U.S. cycling season. It has also, between the racing and the beer tents, become an important quasi-trade show for the bike industry, with demos, meetings and … Continue reading

Adidas Unveils World’s Lightest Basketball Shoe

By Kyle Stack NBA Most Valuable Player candidate Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls was spending time with adidas’ footwear-development teams one weekend in 2009 when he saw the shoe that he’ll wear in the NBA playoffs tomorrow. Rose clamored for the shoe to be made available immediately, but adidas assuaged him by saying he’d … Continue reading

Electric Motorcycle Hits 190.6 MPH

By Chuck Squatriglia Doing 190.6 mph is amazing under any circumstances. It is even more so when it’s done on an electric motorcycle. Chip Yates, who just keeps proving electric motorcycles are for real, hit 190.6 mph on Sunday during the Mojave Mile. It wasn’t enough for Yates to top the previous record and achieve … Continue reading

Baseball and the Business of American Innocence

Innocence Rob Tringali, Sportschrome, Getty Images By Leonard Cassuto Football may get the highest television ratings, but no one should doubt that baseball is America’s most literary sport. The game has a natural affinity to narrative: Each contest unfolds like a measured story, and the gaps in the action leave room for embroidery of all … Continue reading

Boy Scout Decks Will Help You Navigate the Outdoors

By Dave Banks After what, for many of us, was a very harsh winter, it feels good to get outside and breathe in fresh air and enjoy nature. That could mean a day hike through a state park, a weekend of camping and fishing or a lazy afternoon picnic with the family. Unfortunately, if these … Continue reading

La Estocada

Fortunato Salazar interviews Bette Ford, April 2011 The famed American matador on Catalonia’s impending bullfighting ban, the art of killing well, and her friendships with Hemingway and Norman Mailer. It’s a commonplace in American culture that the attitude toward bullfighting is unconflicted: having once valorized it in our literature and film, we now loathe it. … Continue reading

SportWatch GPS for Runners

By Mathew Honan Nike+ has been a fantastic technology innovation for runners, making tracking your time and distance as easy as strapping on your shoes and (typically) an iPod. But it’s always lacked a core ingredient many runners demand: GPS. Until now, the Nike+ sensor connected to an in-shoe accelerometer sensor to track speed and … Continue reading

Shakespeare and Verlander

Why are we so good at developing athletes and so lousy at developing writers? By Bill James Justin Verlander The population of Topeka, Kan., today is roughly the same as the population of London in the time of Shakespeare, and the population of Kansas now is not that much lower than the population of England … Continue reading

The Icarus complex

How humans long to fly A new exhibition explores how the desire to fly is a universal human trait that has decisively influenced some of our greatest achievements Nora Schultz, contributor (Image: Stefan Hartmaier/Gustav Mesmer) What do boomerangs, aeroplanes, Siberian shamans and techno music enthusiasts have in common? To a greater or lesser degree, they … Continue reading

Electric Superbike to Attack Pikes Peak

By Chuck Squatriglia Chip Yates is hell-bent on proving electric motorcycles can run with the best machines on two wheels. Now that’ he’s spanked a bunch of race-ready rides on the track, he’s taking his campaign to the mountains with a 240-horsepower beast. Chip Yates plans to attack Pikes Peak on his electric superbike during … Continue reading

Mongolian Hunters Buy Xanadu On (Six) Wheels

By Keith Barry Even the least educated in Asian affairs know Mongolia is full of exotic wild animals and was once home to Xanadu, the archetype for opulence. Now, a pair of filthy-rich modern-day Kublai Khans have built pleasure domes out of a pair of Mercedes-Benz Zetros, a six-wheeled military-spec vehicle bigger and badder than … Continue reading

Competitive Chess Boxing in Iceland

By Erik Malinowski Two world-class competitors will battle it out in a boxing match in Iceland on Friday, with throngs of screaming fans cheering them on. In one corner will be Bjorn Jónsson, 42 years old but wily in his ways and with a devastating reach advantage over his opponent. Daniel Thordarson is a young, … Continue reading

Quest to Outrace Wind

By Adam Fisher Rick Cavallaro, a hardware and software engineer, ignited an online flame war with his proposal for a Rube Goldberg wind-powered vehicle. Photo: Lucas Foglia The Mojave Desert’s dry Ivanpah lake bed shimmers under a vicious solar glare,creating the illusion of water. Piercing the mirage are dozens of sails—a vast array of color … Continue reading

New Study Says Barefoot Running is Different From Minimalist-Shoe Running.

What Does This Mean? We Still Don’t Know By Amby Burfoot A new study from a highly regarded running biomechanics lab might excite barefoot running purists. It might depress minimalist-shoe fans. It definitely raises new questions. And it might cause us to look at foot strike in a new way. In any case, the study … Continue reading

World Record for High Dive Into Shallow Pool

By Erik Malinowski Darren Taylor is unlike any professor you’ve ever heard of, but that’s probably because he doesn’t have a Ph.D., sport a bow-tie or practice his craft in a classroom. No, this professor specializes in just one thing: shallow-water diving. Better known as Professor Splash, Taylor has made his name as a stunt … Continue reading

The Hook That Hurts

Scientists Tip the Scales Against Anglers By Günther Stockinger Photo Gallery: 5 Photos REUTERS Bad news for angling enthusiasts: Fish might be much more than the mere reflex machines previously thought. New research shows that they are apparently conscious of and can suffer from pain, and scientists are calling for them to be treated the … Continue reading

The Insane, $1.6 Billion Las Vegas Stadium Plan

By Erik Malinowski If one group of deep-pocketed investors has its way, downtown Las Vegas will soon be home to three shiny new stadiums that could accommodate sports ranging from baseball to basketball to hockey. The cost? A mere $1.575 billion. Led by developer Chris Milam, the group is optimistic that, if all the pieces … Continue reading

Morgan’s Newest Car Travels Back to the Future

By Chuck Squatriglia Morgan Motor, the eccentric British automaker with one foot planted firmly in the last century, is reprising the first car it ever built and we have this to say: Oh hell yes. Sign us up. Automakers have never been short of crazy ideas, and the Morgan Threewheeler (yes, one word) is somewhere … Continue reading

La Niña Puts Mavericks Surf Contest in Jeopardy

By Erik Malinowski Time is running out on this year’s Maverick’s surf contest. More properly known as the Jay at Maverick’s Big Wave Surf Invitational, the contest typically attracts some two dozen of the world’s best surfers to the waves off Northern California’s Maverick’s break, near picturesque Half Moon Bay. This year, there was some … Continue reading

LeMond Bike Trainer

LeMond Fitness Revolution · $550 as tested Reviewed by Jim Merithew Cycling experts will tell you there’s no substitute for actual time in the saddle in the great outdoors to prepare you for the season ahead. But if long work hours, short winter days or inclement weather drive you inside, you’d be hard-pressed to find … Continue reading

64-Year-Old Kayaker Completes Trans-Atlantic Voyage

By Caleb Garling These days, thanks to technological advancements in air and sea travel, crossing the Atlantic is usually no big deal. But crossing the Atlantic by yourself in a kayak? Now that’s still something worth celebrating. Aleksander Doba, a 64-year-old native of Poland, took off from Dakar, capital of the west African nation of … Continue reading