How to "friend" anyone on Facebook within 24 hours

Sean Gallagher If there’s any doubt how social networks have presented hackers with a wealth of social engineering tools, a Brazilian security researcher recently demonstrated how he could "friend" even allegedly more wary Facebook users in less than 24 hours. At the Silver Bullet security conference in São Paulo, UOLDiveo chief security officer Nelson Novaes … Continue reading

What Pinterest?

Farhad Manjoo Pinterest feels like the least cynical place on the Web At Slate’s annual retreat last summer, Holly Allen, one of the magazine’s Web designers, buttonholed me and exclaimed, “Have you heard of Pinterest? You’ve got to write about it!” I hadn’t heard about it, and rather than explain what it is—because while Pinterest … Continue reading

The Anti-Social Network

By helping other people look happy, Facebook is making us sad. Libby Copeland Is Facebook making us miserable? There are countless ways to make yourself feel lousy. Here’s one more, according to research out of Stanford: Assume you’re alone in your unhappiness. "Misery Has More Company Than People Think," a paper in the January issue … Continue reading

All About the Design Genius Who Gestated Facebook’s Overhaul

A conversation with Nicholas Felton shows how Facebook’s new apps will uncover uncomfortable truths about users — and how the same data could enable entirely new kinds of targeted advertising Christopher Mims 09/22/2011 Today Facebook announced two innovations — a visual Timeline view for parsing your entire history on Facebook, and Lifestyle apps for recording … Continue reading

Google ‘+1′ Sharing Button

Ryan Singel Google expanded on Wednesday the reach of its new sharing button, dubbed “+1″, introducing a version that companies can add to their websites, alongside Facebook and Twitter’s now ubiquitous Like and Tweet This buttons. The button has little benefit currently, but it’s clearly part of the infrastructure for a bigger project — Google’s … Continue reading

Digital legacy: The fate of your online soul

Sumit Paul-Choudhury We are the first people in history to create vast online records of our lives. How much of it will endure when we are gone? NOT long before my wife died, she asked me to do something for her. "Make sure people remember me," she said. "Not the way I am now. The … Continue reading

This Tech Bubble Is Different

Tech bubbles happen, but we usually gain from the innovation left behind. This one—driven by social networking—could leave us empty-handed By Ashlee Vance As a 23-year-old math genius one year out of Harvard, Jeff Hammerbacher arrived at Facebook when the company was still in its infancy. This was in April 2006, and Mark Zuckerberg gave … Continue reading

Fail to Succeed

By Matt Cowan “Twitter itself was a bit of a side project. You could say it was a mistake that worked out very well for us.” So begins Biz Stone’s master class to MBA students at the Said Business School in Oxford. It’s a dark Monday afternoon in November, and, as part of the annual … Continue reading

Winkelvoss Twins Appeal Dismissal of Facebook Lawsuit

By Ryan Singel The Winkelvoss twins, who claim they were defrauded by Facebook when the company settled their lawsuit over Zuckerberg stealing their idea for Facebook, filed an appeal Monday of a decision telling them to be happy with the $65 million payout they negotiated. The twins, former Olympic rowers who hired their Harvard classmate … Continue reading

Mark Zuckerberg Invented Facebook

Get over it. By Farhad Manjoo Cameron (center) and Tyler Winklevoss (right) Who came up with the idea for Facebook? It’s always been a shady story. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s wunderkind CEO, has said that the social network was his own creation, something he designed and built while he was a student at Harvard. Nobody … Continue reading

E-Mails Prove Zuck Stole 50 Percent of Facebook from Investor, Suit Claims

By Ryan Singel A businessman who claims Mark Zuckerberg scammed him out of a $2,000 controlling interest in Facebook has amended his federal lawsuit, in an attempt to cash in on a company now valued at $65 billion. Paul Ceglia, a New York businessman with a sketchy past, says he owns half of Facebook after … Continue reading

Why Facebook open-sourced its datacenters

By Jon Stokes Facebook has opened up a whole new front in its war with Google over top technical talent and ad dollars. Instead of simply hiring away Google engineers, the social networking service is now aiming to do for its datacenters what Google is doing with Android—that is, it’s taking an open-source approach that … Continue reading

Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey Returns

to Guide the Flock By Ryan Singel Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, is returning to lead the company’s development of new products and features. Dorsey announced Monday, on Twitter of course, that he will take the title Executive Chairman and will lead product development. That role that was supposed to be filled by fellow … Continue reading

How Aaron Barr revealed himself to Anonymous

By Nate Anderson Stian Elkeland Aaron Barr, CEO of security company HBGary Federal, spent the month of January trying to uncover the real identifies of the hacker collective Anonymous—only to end with his company website knocked offline, his e-mails stolen, 1TB of backups deleted, and his personal iPad wiped when Anonymous found out. Our lengthy … Continue reading

Will Facebook Friend China?

Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting this week in Beijing with Baidu CEO Robin Li set off another round of speculation that the social-media giant may be coming to the Middle Kingdom. BY CHRISTINA LARSON On Dec. 20, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — who was recently named Time‘s 2010 "Person of the Year" — stopped by the Beijing … Continue reading

Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s 2010 Person of the Year

Facebook co-founder beat out Assange, Karzai, Chilean miners, Tea Party Time magazine "Most applications are going to become social, and most industries are going to be rethought," Mark Zuckerberg told Time magazine. By Laura T. Coffey Meet the second-youngest individual ever to be named Time magazine’s Person of the Year: Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of the … Continue reading

Boy meets girl: How Facebook functions in modern romance

Brenna Ehrlich "Teens are incredibly social, and Facebook plays a huge role in their love lives," says Ann Shoket, editor-in-chief of "Seventeen." There’s no denying that Facebook has had an impact on the way the younger set flirt, fall in love and break up. Now, Seventeen magazine has released a study that depicts just what … Continue reading

Twitter’s @Ev: Ad Money’s Good, Facebook Blocking Bad

Ryan Singel Twitter’s Evan Williams reminded the Valley Wednesday that Google wasn’t the only company being stymied by Facebook’s stranglehold on user identity. Journalist John Battelle publicly asked Williams if Facebook would ever import Twitter’s firehose of data. Williams shot back, “You’ll have to ask Mark that. You missed your opportunity,” referring to Batelle’s interview … Continue reading

‘Y2K Pimp’ Gets 12 Years for Recruiting Minor on MySpace

By Kevin Poulsen Marvin Chavelle Epps ( A self-described pimp who recruited a 16-year-old girl on MySpace then rented her out as a prostitute through escort websites was sentenced Monday to 12½ years in prison for sex trafficking of a minor. Marvin Chavelle Epps, 24, came to law enforcement’s attention in 2008 when a federal … Continue reading

Best way to battle botnets: before or after the infection?

By Matthew Lasar Botnets have penetrated most Fortune 500 companies, and the United States leads the world in PCs infected with bots. And Mac users beware—a new Trojan variant attacks Mac OS systems via social networking sites. If you see a message on a social network like Facebook that says "Is this you in the … Continue reading

First Look at RockMelt, a Browser Built For Facebook Freaks

Michael Calore The rumor mill has been buzzing for months about the imminent arrival of a new “Facebook browser” called RockMelt. Well, it really does exist, and it’s here. RockMelt is being released as a limited public beta Sunday. Anyone can sign up to test it out, but the release will be throttled so as … Continue reading

Anti-cyberbullying 101: soon required at your public school?

By Matthew Lasar Online Pugsleys everywhere be forewarned: a major government program designed to help schools upgrade their Internet connectivity will soon require them to teach kids how to stop "cyberbullying" and "act responsibly on social networking sites like Facebook." The Federal Communications Commission plans to circulate rules by the end of this year that … Continue reading

Andrey Ternovskiy on the Future of Chatroulette

by Julia Ioffe  The first obituary for Chatroulette, a Web site that randomly pairs strangers for video chats, came in June, when Salon proclaimed, “you can’t build an empire on dicks.” Chatroulette’s combination of randomness, anonymity, and video was irresistible to men who were dying to shed their pants—and they were driving other people away. … Continue reading

R.I.P. Chatroulette: A Sad Tale of Missed Opportunity

Remember Chatroulette? It’s hard to believe that barely eight months ago the anonymous video chat site had everyone captivated. Venture capitalists clamored to invest, journalists tripped over one another to profile—and now Chatroulette is dying, unused and unloved. It’s not just that people seem to have stopped talking about the voyeuristic social network; they seem … Continue reading

Hands on: Tweet Library for iPad

By Jeff Smykil Tweet Library supports all of the basic Twitter features and does so across multiple accounts. As expected, mentions, viewing timelines, direct messages, selecting favorite tweets, and searching through the public timeline are all supported. Version 1.0 is missing some functionality that is standard in most Twitter clients, namely URL shortening and image … Continue reading

Does Facebook Have a Foreign Policy?

Right now, it all looks rosy for Mark Zuckerburg. But Facebook’s global rise has limits — and real dangers — as it taps markets in unfriendly countries. BY TIM WU If it hadn’t already been Facebook’s moment, it certainly is now. It has become obvious, even to skeptics, that the firm is not just an … Continue reading

Rumsfeld Invades Web, Twitter, Facebook

By Spencer Ackerman #FollowFriday has come early: Donald Rumsfeld, the Bush administration’s lightning rod of a defense secretary, is on Twitter. No one would ever confuse Rumsfeld with a technophobe. In office, he threw money at high-tech weaponry and gear, to the point where it jeopardized the Iraq war. But this latest move for the … Continue reading

Popular Facebook apps found to be collecting, selling user info

By Jacqui Cheng If you use Facebook but don’t want your personal information leaked all over the Web, you had better make sure you don’t use any of Facebook’s most popular apps. According to an investigation by the Wall Street Journal, "tens of millions" of apps on Facebook transmit varying amounts of identifying information to … Continue reading

Can the Mama Grizzlies Pull Off a Twitter Revolution?

How the conservative women’s movement is using social networks. By Noreen Malone Rep. Michele Bachmann"But how do the hash tags work, exactly?" "How can I link my blog to my Facebook page?" The questions were directed at me and came from a retired female cop from upstate New York. Our dining companions, seventysomethings from North … Continue reading

Govt relies on Facebook "narcissism" to spot fake marriages, fraud

By Jacqui Cheng Can the government get a full picture of who you are by friending you on Facebook and monitoring your friends and family? The Department of Homeland Security thinks so, and is apparently willing to pose as that hot girl next door in order to become your friend. The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently … Continue reading

Gen Y and Boomers Diverge on Facebook Movie, Poll Finds

By Ryan Singel When Facebook debuted to the public in 2006, youth flocked to it to create an online persona and keep track of their friends, while many adults thought the social networking site was just another fad and that sharing their lives online was weird, perhaps even dangerous. That divide has closed quite a … Continue reading

"Deleted" Facebook photos still not deleted: a followup

By Jacqui Cheng  Facebook may be making strides in some areas of privacy, but the company is still struggling when it comes to deleting user photos—or not deleting them, as the case may be. We wrote a piece more than a year ago examining whether photos really disappear from social network servers when you delete … Continue reading

Why Mark Zuckerberg Should Like The Social Network

By Fred Vogelstein Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (L) in a 2007 photo. Jesse Eisenberg (R) as Zuckerberg in The Social Network. It’s hard to go anywhere and not see, hear and read about Mark Zuckerberg right now. Last week and the week before, the Facebook founder and CEO was getting attention for giving away $100 … Continue reading

Poked by the Politburo?

By Suzanne Merkelson Authoritarian regimes seem to have a love–hate relationship with the internet. Vietnam is leaning toward love. State-owned Vietnam Multimedia Report recently launched a trial version of, an answer to Facebook — which is banned in Vietnam — that lets users build profiles, post photos, send messages, share music, add friends, and … Continue reading

Facebook Has Quietly Implemented A De-Facto Follow Feature

By MG Siegler  A few days ago, Facebook made what seemed to be a small tweak to its Friend Requests area. As first noted by Inside Facebook, the social network changed the way friend rejections work. Previously, you could either Confirm or Ignore (deny) a request. Now, Ignore has been replaced by “Not Now”. This … Continue reading

Love Google. Hate Facebook. Here’s Why

By Peter Kirwan,  Recently, I’ve been working on a big research project. Yesterday, I had Delicious links, PDFs, spreadsheets and Word documents open on my desktop when I came across a couple of useful presentations on Scribd. I’ll have them, I thought. So I clicked. What happened next surprised me: I was given the … Continue reading

You Can’t Handle the Veritas

What Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher get wrong about Harvard—and Facebook. By Nathan Heller The Social Network was made to provide Facebook’s half-billion users with a kind of origin myth, and that myth’s luckiest feature, from a cinematic point of view, is its roots in the nation’s most iconic ivory tower. People go out of … Continue reading

The Other Social Network

It launched first. It had cooler features. Why did Columbia’s Campus Network lose out to Harvard’s Facebook? By Christopher Beam Adam GoldbergIn a parallel universe, there is a blockbuster movie coming out this weekend about a Web site that changed the world. It’s called The Social Network. It stars Jesse Eisenberg as the site’s wunderkind … Continue reading

Influencing People

David Fincher and “The Social Network.” by David Denby Armie Hammer, Jesse Eisenberg, and Max Minghella (from left) in a film directed by Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin. “The Social Network,” directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin, rushes through a coruscating series of exhilarations and desolations, triumphs and betrayals, and ends … Continue reading

How I Scammed a Facebook Scammer

By Dave George AOL News (Sept. 29) — Be honest. How many of you wish you had the perfect comeback? Or a great way to get back at a telemarketer interrupting dinner? Or how about turning the tables on a scammer? I was lucky enough the other day to get that chance when a Facebook … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time, at Harvard

Vanessa Grigoriadis and François Dischinger spotlight Jesse Eisenberg, starring this month as Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. By Vanessa Grigoriadis  Photograph by François Dischinger  Jesse Eisenberg in New York City, wearing a shirt by Tommy Hilfiger and pants and a tie by Polo Ralph Lauren. Who invented Facebook? It’s one of the … Continue reading

Love in the Time of Ethernet

A young man meets an alluring woman online, or does he? A review of the documentary Catfish, with optional spoilers. By Dana Stevens Nev Schulman in Catfish.A week after seeing Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck’s I’m Still Here, I was wary about Catfish (Rogue Pictures), another documentary in which young men capture the unfolding of … Continue reading

Open source Facebook replacement Diaspora drops first alpha

By Chris Foresman The Diaspora project—an attempt to make an open source, peer-to-peer replacement for Facebook with a focus on privacy—has reached its first major milestone. The first developer alpha is now available for download and review, and the group is now accepting code contributions from the open source community at large. Diaspora was born … Continue reading

The Face of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg opens up. by Jose Antonio Vargas September 20, 2010 PHOTOGRAPH: CARLOS SERRAO The C.E.O. of Facebook wants to create, and dominate, a new kind of Internet. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his college dorm room six years ago. Five hundred million people have joined since, and eight hundred and seventy-nine of them are … Continue reading

With a Little Help From His Friends

At 19, Sean Parker helped create Napster. At 24, he was founding president of Facebook. At 30, he’s the hard-partying, press-shy genius of social networking, a budding billionaire, and about to be famous—played by Justin Timberlake in David Fincher’s new film, The Social Network. By David Kirkpatrick• Photograph by Jonas Fredwall Karlsson October 2010 TECH’S … Continue reading