Runner’s High

In the last century something unexpected happened: humans became sedentary. We traded in our active lifestyles for a more immobile existence. But these were not the conditions under which we evolved. David Raichlen from the University of Arizona, USA, explains that our hunter-gatherer predecessors were long-distance endurance athletes. ‘Aerobic activity has played a role in … Continue reading

Barefoot Versus Running Shoes

Running in shoes takes less energy than running barefoot. The heavier your shoes are, the less efficiently you run. Running barefoot "offers no metabolic advantage over running in lightweight, cushioned shoes." Alex Hutchinson The topic is a very cool and thought-provoking new study, from Rodger Kram’s lab at the University of Colorado, just published online … Continue reading

The Long Run

Simple strategies make you happy to go the distance. Jeff Galloway Image by Tim De Frisco There are plenty of good reasons to add long runs to your routine. Extended time on your feet builds stamina, burns fat, and stokes your confidence. And you don’t need to be logging monster miles to reap those benefits—a … Continue reading

Gun Running

What’s the best way to pack heat while jogging? Brian Palmer Rick Perry fires a shooter pistol during a Texas Motor Speedway event Reporters asked newly announced presidential candidate Rick Perry on Monday whether he carries a gun while campaigning. Perry refused to answer, but he does seem to carry guns in unexpected places. He … Continue reading

Brain Rhythm Associated With Learning Also Linked to Running Speed

Rhythms in the brain that are associated with learning become stronger as the body moves faster, UCLA neurophysicists report in a new study. The research team, led by professor Mayank Mehta, used specialized microelectrodes to monitor an electrical signal known as the gamma rhythm in the brains of mice. This signal is typically produced in … Continue reading

Fair Chase

On the plains of New Mexico, a band of elite marathoners tests a controversial theory of evolution: that humans can outrun the fastest animals on earth. By Charles Bethea Hot pursuit: Andrew Musuva  (Photo by Ryan Heffernan) THROUGH THE BINOCULARS I see them: nine tiny men in bright jerseys running in formation across the vast … Continue reading

Exercise Accessories Help You Measure Up

RunKeeper, MapMyRun · Under $100 Dylan Tweney Can a smartphone help you train better? Maybe — if you’re the kind of person who gets obsessed over logging every workout, tracking your pace and counting how many miles per week you’ve averaged. And if you’re that kind of person, there’s a host of apps and gadgets … Continue reading

SportWatch GPS for Runners

By Mathew Honan Nike+ has been a fantastic technology innovation for runners, making tracking your time and distance as easy as strapping on your shoes and (typically) an iPod. But it’s always lacked a core ingredient many runners demand: GPS. Until now, the Nike+ sensor connected to an in-shoe accelerometer sensor to track speed and … Continue reading

New Study Says Barefoot Running is Different From Minimalist-Shoe Running.

What Does This Mean? We Still Don’t Know By Amby Burfoot A new study from a highly regarded running biomechanics lab might excite barefoot running purists. It might depress minimalist-shoe fans. It definitely raises new questions. And it might cause us to look at foot strike in a new way. In any case, the study … Continue reading

How to choose the best running shoe

by Frank Swain Cheap sports shoes can be as good as expensive ones, says Benno Nigg, the sports scientist who helped design David Beckham’s Predator boot In your new book, Biomechanics of Sports Shoes, you say that expensive running shoes are no better at preventing injury than cheap ones. Isn’t that heresy? That is a … Continue reading

One Man, Sans Sight, Trains for 100-Mile Ultramarathon

By Simon Wheatcroft Editor’s note: Simon Wheatcroft lives in Doncaster, England, and has been registered blind since he was 18 years old. That’s because Wheatcroft, now 29, has been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that essentially breaks down the cells composing the retina, a layer of optical tissue that helps convert light … Continue reading

Stretching Before a Run Does Not Necessarily Prevent Injury

Stretching before a run neither prevents nor causes injury, according to a study presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). More than 70 million people worldwide run recreationally or competitively, and recently there has been controversy regarding whether runners should stretch before running, or not at all. This … Continue reading

Running past Neandertals

Ancient humans, but not their evolutionary cousins, had heels for running By Bruce Bower  RUNNING HEELAn MRI of a distance runner’s foot and ankle shows a heel bone sized to pull the Achilles tendon taut, a condition that researchers say applied to Stone Age humans but not to Neandertals. Measurements of part of the heel … Continue reading

Nike SportWatch GPS Eyes Fitness Fanatics

By Erik Malinowski LAS VEGAS — Nike launched its successful Nike+ fitness software just four years ago, but nearly 4 million users have turned it into the most popular and widely available run-tracking UI ever. And just four months ago, Nike enabled GPS tracking in a completely overhauled iteration of its mobile app. Now, Nike … Continue reading

Are You Ready?

Marathon Guide 2011 If you answer these questions with more Yeses than Nos, it’s a sign that you’re up for the marathon challenge. By Michelle Hamilton Image by Ryan Snook Have you been running for a year? Logging at least three miles a minimum of three times a week for about 12 months allows the … Continue reading

When to End a Run to Avoid Injury: Runners Change Form When Running Exhausted

Runners who continue running when they are exhausted unknowingly change their running form, which could be related to an increased risk for injury. A study by Tracy Dierks, assistant professor of physical therapy at Indiana University, found that toward the end of a normal running session, runners generally displayed an increase in motion in their … Continue reading

Army Fitness Challenge

Think you can pass the Army Physical Fitness Test? Prove it! by Jeff Decker Whether or not you’re thinking of enlisting, who doesn’t want the body and stamina of a soldier at his peak? Taking the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is a good way to test your mettle. A 30-year-old man needs to do … Continue reading

Marathon Pace Perfect

Pete Pfitzinger on how to set, learn and maintain your optimal marathon pace By Pete Pfitzinger, M.S. To run your best marathon, you need to set a challenging but realistic goal and prepare meticulously. Regardless of your goal and training ethic, however, a key requirement for optimal marathon performance is optimal pacing. There are several … Continue reading

The Perfect Stride

Can Alberto Salazar straighten out American distance running? by Jennifer Kahn Salazar overhauled the marathoner Dathan Ritzenhein’s stride. If on Sunday, November 7th, you watch the New York City Marathon, chances are that one of the first things you’ll see is a pack of emaciated-looking men hurtling down the street at a little over twelve … Continue reading

A New Science Is Born–Computational Marathoning

If the New York City Marathon offered its top prize money to the smartest guy in the field, I’d be betting on Benjamin Isaac Rapoport on Nov. 7. He’s not likely to be on the podium, however. He’s hoping for a personal record of around 2:50. Then it’s back to his M.D. studies at Harvard … Continue reading

Pre-Exercise Stretching Is Killing Your Workout

By Jeremy Repanich Seems that most everything your high school gym teacher told you is wrong. Well, at least when it comes to all that start-of-the-class stretching. A recent spate of studies shows that when it comes to warming up before exercising, phys ed instructors didn’t do us any favors by having us to go … Continue reading

How to Go the Distance

Discover your limits by training for physical and mental endurance by Karen Asp Endurance training is not only extremely satisfying to those who crave intense challenges, it also melts body fat and increases the capacity of your heart and lungs. Read on, and you’ll learn how to train for both physical and mental endurance, and … Continue reading

Making Marathons Even Tougher

By KEVIN HELLIKER. MarathonFoto Competitors in the 2008 Pikes Peak Ascent half-marathon encountered extreme conditions. Registration for this weekend’s Pikes Peak Marathon filled up in five hours. "It’s become a stampede," says Ron Ilgen, race director for the marathon up and down Pikes Peak on Aug. 22 and the half-marathon up the mountain the day … Continue reading

Lose the Race

Can a black-white performance gap be hereditary but not racial? By William Saletan. The study, just published in the International Journal of Design and Nature and Ecodynamics, starts with a puzzle about racing sports: "More and more, the winning runners are black athletes, particularly of West African origin, and the winning swimmers are white. More … Continue reading

Get Proper Muscle Recovery

Correct training recovery is essential – but it takes time. This routine will speed it up. By Jeff Galloway After years of fine-tuning various techniques, I’m happy to report that I recover faster today than I did years ago. What’s my secret? Two words: immediate action. If you jump-start your recovery as soon as you … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Run All Day Long

By Liz Plosser Runner’s World A typical day is filled with obstacles that threaten your five-miler. It might be the staff meeting doughnut fest that could sabotage a workout, or the exploding inbox of e-mails that makes it tough to unplug and lace up. And then there’s that Conan habit that could have you reaching … Continue reading

Gebrselassie wins Manchester run

Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie produced a strong finish to claim his third title in the Great Manchester Run on Sunday. The 37-year-old, who has won two Olympic and four World gold medals, clocked 28 minutes two seconds, just over a minute behind the world record. Spaniard Ayad Lamdessem pushed hard until the last stretch to get … Continue reading