Marilyn Monroe

The Metamorphosis In My Week with Marilyn, Michelle Williams captures Marilyn Monroe’s struggle to reconcile her two identities: Norma Jean, the apple-cheeked girl next door, and Marilyn Monroe, the droopy-eyed Aphrodite. Norma Jean didn’t stand a chance. Marilyn: Intimate Exposures, by Susan Bernard, is a stunning collection of images that track Norma Jean’s transformation into … Continue reading

Havana Unbound

Cuba—once referred to as “that unhappy island” by President John F. Kennedy—is often portrayed in a negative, faded frame, with destitute streets and abandoned American automobiles. From March 2009 to July 2010, photographer Michael Dweck aimed to capture the secret side of Castro’s Communist capital, with all of its combustible energy, from the often overlooked … Continue reading

Classic Nude Portraits

Archive Photos Curves ahead! These revealing photographs of models, actors, musicians, and athletes were culled from Vanity Fair’s glossy archives—our “best undressed,” you might say. This fashionable season, it’s our ode to those who might look great in clothes—but look even better in the buff. By Vanity Fair Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. Photograph by Nick … Continue reading


Patrick Demarchelier Angelina Jolie, Vanity Fair, July 2008. … Read More>>


Annie Leibovitz First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Vanity Fair, September 2008. … Read More>>

Emma Watson’s New Day

by Amanda Foreman | photographed by Mario Testino It’s the pixie-cut hair and flawless skin that give her away. Emma Watson is dressed unobtrusively in a cotton flower-print French Connection dress and beige sandals, but she is unmistakable. Fans have accosted her five times in the past half hour alone. Today is the actress’s twenty-first … Continue reading

Photographer Elliott Erwitt

on His Lifetime Achievements Elliott Erwitt has a new iPad app, a new book, a new award, and a very old cuckoo clock. The legendary photographer shares his thoughts on all of these things—plus what he considers to be his greatest and most memorable achievements—in a discussion with’s Erica Singleton. By Erica Singleton Photographs … Continue reading

Diplo on Island Parties in Trinidad and Tobago

A travel diary from Diplo, the musician and D.J., as he ventures through the Caribbean paradise during its famous party season. He shares his personal photographs and a travel-journal entry about how to survive Carnival, what the Justin Bieber of the islands is like onstage, and the sex-war paradox of soca-music dancing. By Diplo Photographs … Continue reading

The Best Street Photographer You’ve Never Heard Of

Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection Four years ago, a Chicago real estate agent stumbled upon a box of negatives. Little did he know that he’d discovered Vivian Maier. — By Alex Kotlowitz. Photographs by Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE measure of Vivian Maier’s photos without taking stock of her story. She was by … Continue reading

Celebrating Bob Dylan at 70

with Photos from the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue By Michael Hogan• Photographs by Ken Regan Seventy isn’t that old anymore. So why is it that Bob Dylan, who reaches that milestone on May 24, seems so positively ancient—a feature of the cultural landscape itself, whose age should be calculated in geological eons, not anything so … Continue reading

Pissed-Off Painters Take Revenge

Rachel Somerstein The Gold Scab (detail) Photo: Molly Eyres Sandra Three—The Killer Critic R. B. Kitaj LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art paints over Italian street artist Blu’s mural Photo: Casey Caplowe Poster of MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch Photo: LA RAW Early last December, Italian street artist Blu painted a mural for LA’s Museum of Contemporary … Continue reading

Rosie the Riveting

Krista Smith and Mark Seliger spotlight Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, star of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. By Krista Smith• Photographs by Mark Seliger … Born in Devon, England, Huntington-Whiteley got her start in fashion at an agency while she was still in high school. After a year as an intern, spent mainly getting coffee, she was … Continue reading

The Oceans’ Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter

 Photo: The male jawfish is incubating eggs in its mouth. Steven Kovacs Marine creatures are among the strangest, most beautiful and least known animals on Earth. Their intriguing mating strategies, defensive weapons, shape-shifting and camouflage abilities make for great stories and amazing photographs. Some of the best of those tales and images appear in the … Continue reading

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

by Sarah Mower | photographed by Bruce Weber They may be only five feet one apiece, but the Olsen twins are much bigger than you’d think. This is the year they’ve jointly jumped hurdle after hurdle toward winning credibility for The Row. First there was their impressively wearable blush-tinted spring collection, which they wrested from … Continue reading

Angelina Jolie Throughout the Years in Vogue

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the pages of Vogue. The actress was first featured on the cover of the magazine in April 2002, and now many years (and many children) later she’s back looking more stunning than ever. See her evolution throughout the years—from brooding bad girl who snagged an Oscar to international human … Continue reading

Revisiting Love on the Left Bank

Ed van der Elsken’s classic photo-novel Love on the Left Bank (1954) has just been reissued. Singer-songwriter and artist Patti Smith recalls her first encounter with the book—and with the woman whose image runs through it. By Patti Smith• Photographs by Ed van der Elsken WEB EXCLUSIVE April 8, 2011 View Slideshow In the summer … Continue reading

From Brassaï to Bing, Stunning 20s and 30s Night Photography

Photographers have long ventured into the night, aiming to illuminate intriguing and elusive nocturnal scenes, but only a few ever mastered the midnight medium. From April to June 2011, New York’s Bruce Silverstein Gallery will show “Night”—an exhibition spotlighting innovative European photographers Brassaï, Ilse Bing, Robert Doisneau, and André Kertész, who together pioneered nighttime photography … Continue reading

Weird geometry

Art enters the hyperbolic realm Hyperbolic space is a Pringle-like alternative to flat, Euclidean geometry where the normal rules don’t apply: angles of a triangle add up to less than 180 degrees and Euclid’s parallel postulate, governing the properties of parallel lines, breaks down. That fascinates mathematical artist Vi Hart, who creates hyperbolic "tilings" from … Continue reading

The “Kill Team” Photographs

by Seymour M. Hersh La Mohammed Kalay, Afghanistan, 2010. Abu Ghraib, Iraq, 2003. Soldiers rest just after the My Lai massacre, 1968. My Lai 4, Vietnam, 1968. It’s the smile. In photographs released by the German weekly Der Spiegel, an American soldier is looking directly at the camera with a wide grin. His hand is … Continue reading

On Tour . . . with the Beatles!

What luck that Bob Bonis, who managed the Beatles in the mid-60s and organized their historic U.S. tours, had the foresight to bring along a Leica M3 camera. The resulting images, never published during his lifetime, shed intimate new light on John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s Stateside invasion. Text by Alex Bonis• Photographs by Bob … Continue reading

The Last Roll of Kodachrome—Frame by Frame!

A celebrated photographer makes a passage to India—and marks the end of an era. By David Friend  Photographs by Steve McCurry  Frame 11: Indian writer and actress Shenaz Treasurywala, in India, June 2010. Frame 15: A Rabari tribal elder, photographed in India, June 2010. Frame 16: A Rabari tribal elder, photographed in India, June 2010. … Continue reading

From Sketch to Still, a Visual History of Alice in Wonderland’s Costumes

by Marnie Hanel  In the opening of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, the heroine argues with her mother about—what else?—clothes. Scolded for not wearing a corset, Alice says, “Who’s to say what is proper? What if it was agreed that proper was wearing a codfish on your head? Would you wear it?… To me, a … Continue reading

8 Beautiful Bioluminescent Creatures From the Sea

By Danielle Venton  While a handful of land animals can create their own light, homemade luminescence is the rule rather than the exception in the open ocean’s dark waters. Researchers estimate that between 80 and 90 percent of deep-dwelling animals are bioluminous, creating light by mixing the pigment luciferin with luciferase, the enzyme that makes … Continue reading

We’re a Belieber

By Dana Mathews  Photographs by Art Streiber  With 17 screaming fans cast as extras, this truly was the photo shoot heard ’round the world (or, most certainly, Beverly Hills). Justin Bieber came to our Los Angeles set donning hipster glasses and an infectious smile; the night before, he’d had dinner at the Smiths’ residence, where … Continue reading

Pedocouture: In Vogue magazine, 6-year-olds are sex vixens

Xeni Jardin The December issue of French Vogue, edited by Tom Ford, features an extensive spread of child models presented more or less like whores. The girl above is 6. Lemme spell that for you: s-i-x! I’m a big Tom Ford fan. Or, well, was. Artistic freedom and everything, and no, this shouldn’t be made … Continue reading

New Magnum Fund Pays Out for Deep Photo Stories

By Pete Brook  The Magnum Foundation has launched a new initiative called the Emergency Fund to offer support for photographers working on thoughtful, long-form stories around the world. This new resource is a bright spot on a bleak horizon, as traditional media financing for documentary projects dries up. While the fund is not able to … Continue reading

Cheap DIY Camera System Performs Amazing Photographic Feats

By Dave Mosher  Triple Exposure By day, Linden Gledhill develops pharmaceuticals. After hours, he pushes the limits of high-speed, up-close and on-the-cheap digital photography. The British native’s latest science-inspired shots of insects in midflight, splattering paint droplets and butterfly wing scales are made possible by a small photographic-accessories company in Michigan. When Gledhill hits a … Continue reading

Repeat Photography Captures Changing Landscapes

By Betsy Mason  Taking photos from the same vantage point years apart has been used to study changes in the landscape since the late 19th century. The technique got its start as a way to document the retreat of European glaciers. For 50 years, the U.S. Geological Survey has been building an archive old photos … Continue reading

Our lady of peace signs—Lady Gaga

Photograph by Nick Knight. Styled by Jessica Diehl.

Tourist actress Angelina Jolie

 Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. Styled by Michael Roberts. … More>> … More>> … More>> … More>>

Chillaxin’ in Sochi with Vova and Dima

By Joshua Keating "Sorry Barack. You’re not invited to this bunga-bunga party. We’ll send you a cable." … Read More>>

Snow Shepherd

Joshua Keating A Basque shepherd dog plays in the snow in the Northern Spanish Basque village of Oquendo, on December 3, 2010. Fresh snowfalls swept northern Europe, shutting down airports, blocking roads and forcing Eurostar international rail service cancellations, as forecasters warned of more to come today.

Gallery: 10 Visions of the Postnatural World

By Brandon Keim  Able to lament the tragedy of nature’s disruption and glory in the vitality of its survivors, Alexis Rockman is the perfect artist for the anthropocene. Biosphere: Orchids, 1993 Biosphere: Hydrographer’s Canyon, 1994 Host and Vector, 1996 Airport, 1997 The Hammock, 2000 Cataclysm, 2003 Manifest Destiny, 2003-2004 (detail) Sea World, 2001-2004 South, 2008 … Continue reading

Fire in the Sky

The Tungurahua volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes is seen erupting on Monday. The volcano is over 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) high and is one of the South American country’s most active volcanoes.

Nan Goldin in Berlin

An Intimate Diary Of the Bohemian Underground Josie Le Blond Controversial US photographer Nan Goldin has returned to Berlin to showcase a selection of photographs from her time spent revelling in the city’s subculture. The exhibition of pictures, two thirds of which have never been displayed publicly before, opens today at the Berlinische Gallerie. An … Continue reading

The Party Goes On

Though China’s world-renowned contemporary artist Ai Weiwei was put under house arrest in Beijing, a "party" he had planned to mark the impending demolition of his studio in Shanghai went on without him… … on Oct. 19, Ai, who is known for being critical of Beijing, received a notice from the local government that his … Continue reading

Katharina Grosse

Six Paintings from Mr. Caplan by Katharina Grosse  Katharina Grosse is a German artist based in Berlin. We were captivated by her architectural shapes, and the vivid colors in her paintings. Her process is equally powerful: armed with a spray gun, she covers large canvasses, often close to seven feet heigh, with layers of paint. … Continue reading

Scenes of thought: The brain in pictures

What does your mind look like? A new book, Portraits of the Mind by Carl Schoonover, looks at how scientists have visualised the brain through the centuries.   Olfactory bulb In 1875 the physician Camillo Golgi invented the reazione nera (black reaction) cell-staining technique, which allowed anatomists to view individual neurons in their entirety for … Continue reading

Arctic Photos

Winter Hiking by William Roth Snowball Fight in Paris by Harry Seldon Reluctant Walk by James Gehrt Cold Comfort by Kelvyn Taylor Winterbirds Eating Berries by Thomas Dattermark Sundog by Quinn … Read More>> More>>

A shot in the dark

Nic Dunlop  When Burma holds elections in November, they will be seen simply as a contest between its military rulers and the saintly Aung San Suu Kyi. But, as I know from years of taking photos there, the reality is more complex A soldier outside his encampment in eastern Burma Boys prepare to be made … Continue reading

Rare, Intimate Photographs from the Kennedy White House

Fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy was elected the youngest president of the United States, moving his work and his family to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And alongside him was Cecil W. Stoughton, the first official White House photographer, who accompanied the First Family everywhere. Portfolio from the new book Portrait of Camelot: A Thousand Days … Continue reading

The Independence Brigade

Southern Sudan prepares for statehood…or war. PHOTOS BY PETE MULLER, CAPTIONS BY MAGGIE FICK For more than half of its independent history, Sudan was locked in brutal north-south civil war. And for anyone under the age of 30 — about half of the country’s people — war has been a near constant reality. Displacement, active … Continue reading

Michael Yon (Under Cover of the Night2)

11:24 PM, or 2324L. In the far distance, the artillery can be heard firing illumination before it floats down under parachute. (1901Z/2331L 15mm f7.1 20s ISO 800) The Battle for Kandahar has many faces.  Some faces are difficult to understand.  Tonight’s incarnation was simple. Roving sentry. Smoke trail from previous illumination. We see illumination firing … Continue reading

Michael Yon (Under Cover of the Night1)

Under Cover of the Night with 1-17th Infantry Night photo looks like broad daylight. (Image data: 1649Z/2119Lima 50mm f4.5 30s ISO 800.) Actual data for the above image includes: 1650Z/2120L 50mm f4.5 30s ISO 800.  The “Z” or “Zulu” suffix denotes GMT or Greenwich Mean Time. The  “L” or “Lima” means local time.  Photo from … Continue reading

The Work of a Warzone Photographer

An original member of the fearless South African photography collective the "Bang Bang Club," Joao Silva has spent his career going places no one else would — most recently, Afghanistan, where he has been injured in a land mine explosion. Above, NY Times photojournalist Joao Silva shoots the scene of a car bombing in Baghdad … Continue reading

Michael Yon’s night work

By Thomas E. Ricks Michael Yon, the innovative war blogger, continues to do great night photography of the war in Afghanistan. … More>> More>>

‘Glee’ Gone Wild

How the hell did a show about high school theater geeks come to be the biggest TV show in America? Well, T&A helps. (That’s talent and ambition, you pervs.) But so does a generous helping of pot-laced brownies, girl-on-girl subtext, and choreographed dry-humping. Gleeksters Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith pull Alex Pappademas into … Continue reading

Visions of toxic industrial splendour

Aerial photography was prohibited in communist-era Poland. Since the ban was lifted 17 years ago, Kacper Kowalski has been paragliding over the industrial heart of his homeland, taking shots of its denuded yet eerily beautiful landscapes.   The burning of brown coal, or lignite, at the Adamów power plant in Turek has left a scar … Continue reading

Top 20 Microscope Photos of the Year

By Betsy Mason  2nd Place 5-day old zebrafish head (20X), Confocal Dr. Hideo Otsuna, University of Utah Medical Center, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy Salt Lake City, Utah 3rd Place Zebrafish olfactory bulbs (250X), Confocal Oliver Braubach, Department of Physiology & Biophysics, Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 4th Place Wasp nest (10X), Extended Depth … Continue reading

Angelina in a Centerfold!

Photographs by Patrick Demarcheilier EYES WIDE SHUT Angelina Jolie stars as the title character in Salt, out this month. “I don’t like to watch them,” she says of action movies. “I just like to be in them.” Jolie wears a suit by Boss Black; bracelet and ring by Tiffany & Co. CAT WOMAN “I feel … Continue reading