Knowing Too Much?

Libyans may be celebrating the killing of Muammar al-Qaddafi, but you’d better believe that Western governments are breathing a sigh of relief themselves. DAVID RIEFF Whether the NATO countries — who had only a few years ago welcomed Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi back into the international fold in exchange for his renouncing his chemical and nuclear … Continue reading

Moral Hazard at NATO

Europe may not be able to rely on America’s free security guarantee forever. BY ROBERT HADDICK In blasting NATO, Gates explains what moral hazard feels like In what he termed his "last policy speech as U.S. defense secretary," Robert Gates ripped into his policymaking peers at NATO headquarters in Brussels last week for allowing "significant … Continue reading

NATO Choppers, Pakistani Troops ‘Exchange Fire’

Spencer Ackerman Somewhere, John Kerry is gesturing for an aide to bring him three Advils and a Bushmill’s chaser. Just after the Massachusetts senator cajoles the Pakistanis into returning the remains of the stealth helicopter used in the Osama bin Laden raid, NATO helicopters got into a shooting match with Pakistani troops at a border … Continue reading

Allies Incur Dubious Risks to Gain Washington’s Favor

Ted Galen Carpenter  During my recent conversations in Athens with Greek officials, it was apparent that they were extremely anxious to demonstrate their country’s valuable contributions to the policy objectives of the United States and NATO. In particular, several people stressed the importance of the large Greek air and naval bases at Souda Bay, on … Continue reading

In Afghanistan, It’s Only Chinese Takeout

NATO wants more Chinese assistance in stabilizing the region. But as ever, Beijing won’t step up to the plate without a nod from Islamabad. BY RAFFAELLO PANTUCCI U.S. and European generals and strategists are often decrying China’s increasing influence around the globe. But this March NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen took a different stance. "I … Continue reading

Budgeting NATO’s future

Michael A. Innes The NATO summit currently underway in Lisbon will set in motion a train of events pinned to a handover of responsibility to Afghan forces and phased withdrawal over the next few years. The mission will be less than a success, but it will be brought to a "successful conclusion" – using the … Continue reading

The Russians Return

JAMES KIRCHICK At the annual NATO summit in Lisbon later this month, Russia plans to make a surprising announcement: It will assist the Western military alliance’s war effort in Afghanistan, the land from which it was forced to make a humiliating withdrawal two decades ago after failing to defeat a U.S.-backed insurgency that dealt a … Continue reading

The real question about Pakistan’s border closure

By C. Christine Fair On September 30, NATO helicopters killed two and injured four soldiers from Pakistan’s paramilitary organization, the Frontier Corps (FC), when NATO aerially attacked the FC border post within Kurram agency. According to NATO’s command in Kabul, two ISAF helicopters were pursuing insurgents from the Afghan side of the border. Curiously, the … Continue reading

Does NATO need a crisis?

Posted By David Bosco The Afghan conflict may be in a critical stage, but NATO’s energy and attention is dissipating fast. The Netherlands—long one of the alliance’s stalwarts—has pulled out. Canada, another star performer, is getting set to pack up as well. From other quarters, and particularly eastern Europe, there is grumbling that the costs … Continue reading