Life Without Sex

Now that he’s raised awareness of his lifestyle, David Jay, founder of AVEN, is working to change mainstream beliefs about sex drives RACHEL HILLS But what all asexual people have in common — and what defines asexuality as an orientation — is that, while they may have a desire to connect with other people, asexuals … Continue reading

Why French Parents Are Superior

While Americans fret over modern parenthood, the French are raising happy, well-behaved children without all the anxiety. Pamela Druckerman on the Gallic secrets for avoiding tantrums, teaching patience and saying ‘non’ with authority. Pamela Druckerman’s new book "Bringing Up Bebe," catalogs her observations about why French children seem so much better behaved than their American … Continue reading

Water, Water Everywhere

What’s the best-tasting kind of water? Julia Felsenthal If you were born before the year 1990, you may remember the days when bottled water meant a choice between Evian (on the tennis court), Perrier (as an aperitif), and Hinckley and Schmidt (in a paper cup at your doctor’s office). You may remember that when you … Continue reading

Are Yogasms Real?

Yoga has long been known for its metaphysical benefits to mind and body, but devotees are talking openly about the orgasmic pleasure they experience during practice. Lizzie Crocker reports. “The first time it happened to me I was in Sharon Gannon’s class at Jivamukti, and I was in forward bend,” says Kelly Morris, a yoga … Continue reading

Parents of a Certain Age

Is there anything wrong with being 53 and pregnant? Lisa Miller The first time they had sex, during that initial exploration of unfamiliar flesh, John Ross uttered words to Ann Maloney that would sound to her like prophecy. “You have the body of a young girl. You need a baby.” This compliment, though gallant, could … Continue reading

Does Public Nudity Spread Disease?

Not especially. Michael Thomsen Can you catch a cold, or worse, from nudists? A proposed law in San Francisco would require the city’s nudists to cover public seats with a protective barrier before sitting down. Supervisor Scott Wiener, who introduced the bill, claims that sharing bus seats, cafe benches, and restaurant chairs with naked people … Continue reading

Drinking, Rape, and Feminism

Rachael Larimore Jessica, I’ve been thinking about the issue of women and drinking and rape ever since I read the victim’s statement the other day, on the NYT ’s City Room blog, particularly the passage: I have waited two and half years for closure that will now never come. Hearing that verdict brought me to … Continue reading

Amo Amari

Alonely woman falls in love with Campari, Aperol, and other bitters. Troy Patterson Bitters can be used for Negronis, pictured, and many other cocktailsIn the middle of the summer of her 40th year, Sophie Bitterson went very slightly mad, contentedly so. Retrospectively, reviewing her intense fling with a peculiar class of liquors, she counted herself … Continue reading

DSK Mentally Ill?

Jessica Grose Photo by DAVID KARP/AFP/Getty Images Last night on French TV, former Prime Minister Michel Rocard called his fellow socialist party member Dominque Strauss-Kahn mentally ill because of his repeated alleged misconduct with women. According to The Telegraph: Mr Rocard – French prime minister from 1988 to 1991 – said it was “clearly medical … Continue reading

He May Be a Rapist, But…

Why French Elites Think DSK Should Make A Comeback Arthur Goldhammer Dominique Strauss-Kahn will return to a very different France from the one he left. The country’s state TV network reported that his personal approval rating, which stood at 52 percent prior to his arrest, had plummeted to 28 percent by the time all the … Continue reading

Polygamists Are Coming Out of the Closet

By Jacek Przybylski The opinion that polygamists will start advocating for marriage after the gay community scored victories in that field is very widespread. Translated By Matthew Matyjek 25 July 2011 Edited by Heidi Kaufmann Poland – Wirtualna Polska – Original Article (Polish ) The war for polygamist rights has been waged in the United … Continue reading

Eating alone

There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal with someone you love – yourself Tucker Shaw The Denver Post Cartoons by Moe Scance "Always by himself. Mr. iPod. He gets dangerous during the drum solos." (Moe Scance, The Denver Post) Conjure the image of a single person in an elegant restaurant taking dinner alone, and you’ll … Continue reading

How to Live Forever

Matthew Shechmeister In a scene from new documentary How to Live Forever, 101-year-old marathon runner Buster Martin smokes during training. Buster Martin might have been the only man on earth who could put Keith Richards to shame. In 2008, when he was somewhere between 94 and 101 years old (depending who you ask), Martin drank, … Continue reading

Married, With Infidelities

MARK OPPENHEIMER Last month, when the New York congressman Anthony Weiner finally admitted that he had lied, that his Twitter account had not been hacked, that he in fact had sent a picture of his thinly clad undercarriage to a stranger in Seattle, I asked my wife of six years, mother of our three children, … Continue reading

DSK and the French-American Misunderstanding

By Guy Sorman Translated By Yanina Weingast Edited by Alexan­der Anderson Spain – ABC – Original Article (Spanish) Three weeks ago, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) was only known to the French and other countries as a modern socialist who might finally lead the French Left from Marxism to globalization. Only 10 minutes were enough from his … Continue reading

Your Commute Is Killing You

Long commutes cause obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress, and insomnia. By Annie Lowrey This week, researchers at Umea University in Sweden released a startling finding: Couples in which one partner commutes for longer than 45 minutes are 40 percent likelier to divorce. The Swedes could not say why. Perhaps long-distance commuters tend to be … Continue reading

Beaucoup B.S.

The DSK case and the silly stereotypes about American and European morals. By Christopher Hitchens IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in federal court in New York CityWhy is it that we cannot read any discussion of a political sex scandal, or a sex scandal involving a politician, without pseudo-sophisticated comments about the supposedly different morals of … Continue reading

Five Reasons Dominique Strauss-Kahn Believes He Had “Consensual Sex”

Emma Gilbey Keller As Dominique Strauss-Kahn steps down from his I.M.F. post to concentrate on his legal woes, we wonder if his defense team will use one of these five reasons as to why their client believes he had “consensual sex” with an employee of New York’s Sofitel Hotel at 12 p.m. on Saturday, May … Continue reading

D.S.K.: What Hotel Housekeepers Do

Patricia Marx I do not know—but, on the other hand, it would be nice to know, and without delay—how a chambermaid could have walked in alone, contrary to the habitual practice of most of New York’s grand hotels of sending a “cleaning brigade” of two people, into the room of one of the most closely … Continue reading

Power Corrupts

Jonah Lehrer The news abounds with stories of powerful men behaving badly. It’s a depressing yet predictable spectacle — those in positions of power can’t help but help themselves to the help. They scream at underlings and have sex with the secretaries; they assault hotel maids (or at least are accused of such) and sleep … Continue reading

Don’t let Dominique Strauss-Kahn become the victim

The French media’s response to Strauss-Kahn’s arrest says much about the country’s tolerance for sexual misconduct Isabelle Germain Dominique Strauss-Kahn walks to his arraignment on charges he sexually assaulted a hotel maid. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AP The events leading to the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York are not yet known in their entirety. But, … Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and how power corrupts

Men in power inhabit a culture of male entitlement that enables caddishness, but that is no excuse for violent sexual depradation Amanda Marcotte Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver during his 2007 swearing-in ceremony for a second term as governor of California. Shriver played the loyal political wife in 2003, deflecting allegations against her … Continue reading

IMF Chief a “Gluttonous Womanizer”

By Lorraine Millot and Fabrice Rousselot Translated By Michelle De Saintfuscien Edited by Alexan­der Anderson France – Libération – Original Article (French) Will the Strauss-Kahn affair bring the French and the Americans closer together? In other words, the libertines who up until now did not take offense at their leaders’ philandering, and the ultra-puritans for … Continue reading

Wearing Only a Smile, Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked

Changing the Demographic Is a Tough Sell; A Bare-It-All Dinner Party By DOUGLAS BELKIN LOXAHATCHEE GROVES, Fla.—On a recent Friday morning, Jessi Bartoletti arrived at the Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort here in a T-shirt and shorts. By evening, the 19-year-old had stripped down to a string of purple Mardi Gras beads and was dancing around … Continue reading

More Than 1 Billion People Are Hungry in the World

But what if the experts are wrong? BY ABHIJIT BANERJEE, ESTHER DUFLO For many in the West, poverty is almost synonymous with hunger. Indeed, the announcement by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2009 that more than 1 billion people are suffering from hunger grabbed headlines in a way that any number of … Continue reading

Why Get Married?

More and More Couples Choose to Have Kids Out of Wedlock In America, once you have kids, not being married still isn’t the norm — but is that finally changing?  Last year, my boyfriend of eight years and I took our then 3-year-old daughter to see Disney’s The Frog Princess. I hope I’m not giving … Continue reading

Lesbian Nation

When gay women took to the road. by Ariel Levy  Lesbianism in the seventies promised a life of radical empowerment, and women were drawn by ideology as well as by desire. There was a time, briefly, when women ruled the world. Well, their world, anyway. In the late nineteen-seventies, several thousand women in North America … Continue reading

High fat culture means Americans resigned to obesity

By Peter Bills In the US it’s easier to buy McDonald’s than a sandwich. Photo / AP On the face of it, you would have to say it appears to be one of the great oxymorons of all time: Walk into just about any decent hotel or motel across this vast country and you are … Continue reading

Lady Gaga Just Looks Horny . . . These People Really Are

David Moye Contributor Lady Gaga may have shocked the world recently when she appeared in public with what looked like horns sticking out of her face and shoulders, but she’s actually just horning in on an existing — and, so far, very underground — trend. Gaga recently appeared in Harper’s Bazaar magazine looking as if … Continue reading

Crazy People Are Everywhere

Jonathan Chait Gawker’s story on Fox News president Roger Ailes has to be read to be believed. The basic story is that Ailes purchased the little newspaper of the small town in upstate New York where he planned to live. He then cleaned out its editor and hand-picked Joe Lindsley, a young editorial assistant from … Continue reading

How to Live Forever

Plucked from scientific research, here’s what it takes to lengthen your days. Research by Lauren Streib

Incest and Delayed Motherhood

By William Saletan … As societies embrace privacy, the acceptable basis for restricting sexual behavior has been reduced to harm. And the evidence that these practices are harmful is weak. In the case of incest, I looked at the scientific objection — inbreeding — at a level one step removed. That is, not in brother-sister … Continue reading

Free-Market Solutions for Overweight Americans

By MATT RIDLEY Leo Acadia Sometimes we find it easy to identify a problem and impossible to think of a solution. Obesity is a good example. Almost everybody agrees that it is a growing burden on health systems and that it requires urgent attention from policy makers. But almost everybody also agrees that no policy … Continue reading

I Don’t Buy It … Your Virginity, That Is, or That Selling It Is "Empowering"

By Samantha Henig Ugh. I’m not sure what to make of Natalie Dylan, the 22-year-old who popped her media cherry in the fall when she put her virginity on the market and is now back on the scene with her staggering price tag in hand: $3.7 million is the highest bid so far to be … Continue reading

Too Old To Hold

The mystery of gerontophilia. By Jesse Bering Perhaps it’s just an artifact of having close, affectionate relationships with both of my grandmothers—one of whom was gnarled by debilitating rheumatoid arthritis but was as sage as a Nirvana-bound monk, the other of whom led a flapper-esque alcoholic lifestyle and was clever, mischievous, and wickedly funny—but I’ve … Continue reading


By Jessica Grose Ann, your reading of Bergner’s article seemed spot on for me, particularly the part about women not wanting to find clear-cut answers in order to keep the door open for sexual possibility. The part of "What Do Women Want?" that stood out to me most was the discussion of sexologist Lisa Diamond’s … Continue reading

Polygamy’s Strange Charm

As TLC’s hit polygamist reality show Sister Wives returns, the threat of criminal charges against the Browns looks unlikely. Joyce C. Tang talks to them about shaking the stigma of plural marriage. by Joyce C. Tang Since “coming out” to the world as Mormon polygamists on TLC’s reality series Sister Wives, the Browns have had … Continue reading

Teodorin’s World

Playboy bunnies. $2 million Bugattis. Bags full of cash. Meet the world’s richest minister of agriculture and forestry. BY KEN SILVERSTEIN View a slide show of the surreal playboy life of Teodorin Obiang. The owner of the estate at 3620 Sweetwater Mesa Road, which sits high above Malibu, California, calls himself a prince, and he … Continue reading

The world’s biggest family

The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren Ziona Chana lives with all of them in a 100-room mansion His wives take it in turns to share his bed It takes 30 whole chickens just to make dinner He is head of the world’s biggest family – and says he is ‘blessed’  to … Continue reading

25 Things Every Woman Should Know

Tormented? Driven witless? Whipsawed by confusion? 8. Don’t read blogs written by unhappy, spiteful people. Bad blogs will mangle your mood. Instead, spend an hour a day with your Moleskine notebook, connecting deeply with your own spiteful thoughts. At least they’ll be original. And P.S.: Anyone can make history. Only a great woman can tweet … Continue reading

Why Do the World’s Fattest People Live on Islands?

It’s not piña coladas. Evolution has been overwhelmed by Western lifestyles. BY JOSHUA E. KEATING Last week, a study published in the British medical journal The Lancet found that worldwide obesity rates have increased significantly over the past three decades. By far, the greatest increase was in the Pacific islands. In the world’s fattest country … Continue reading

Our Newlywed Money Dilemma

We just got married. How should we manage our finances? By Jessica Grose The other night my husband and I were reading side by side in bed, on the fresh patterned sheets purchased for us as a wedding present. Mike put down the paperback he was reading and leaned over to ask: "Hey, can you … Continue reading

Live Like a Grad Student …

Forever An Oxford academic recommends living on as little as you can and giving away the rest. By Toby Ord As an academic at Oxford university I don’t have an enormous salary, but even so I have made a pledge to donate £1m to charity over the course of my working life. It wasn’t an … Continue reading

Full-Service Gyms Feel a Bit Flabby

Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times Matthew Knowles on a treadmill in Dallas. Solo exercisers pose a challenge to many gyms. By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS  IS the gym passé? It used to feel worthwhile to commit to an annual membership at an everything-and-the-kitchen sink gym featuring high-spirited classes, top-of-the-line cardio machines, weights — and … Continue reading

Confessions of a Sexaholic

What if Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi asked America’s most famous sex columnist for help…  BY DAN SAVAGE I have a problem. I like to think of myself as a pretty powerful guy: Let’s just say that, in my current gig, I have at my disposal the seventh largest GDP in the world. And it wasn’t just … Continue reading

Can sitting too much kill you?

By Travis Saunders  We all know that physical activity is important for good health—regardless of your age, gender or body weight, living an active lifestyle can improve your quality of life and dramatically reduce your risk of death and disease. But even if you are meeting current physical activity guidelines by exercising for one hour … Continue reading

Sneaker Freaks Get Their Kicks From Afar

By Mario Aguilar Photo: Andy Barter 1// Gola Quarrel Perfect for: The soccer hooligan Geek factor: The OED disagrees, but some claim UK-based Gola coined the word trainer in 1968. Famous for spikes worn by stars of (European) football, Gola has injected its casual sneakers with street-worthy style and ass-kicking comfort. Price: £35 2// Warrior … Continue reading

George Clooney Effect? High-Earning Women Want Older, More Attractive Partners, Research Finds

Psychologists have found that George Clooney may be even luckier than previously thought. Research at the University of Abertay Dundee discovered that as women become more financially independent, they want an older, more attractive male partner. Studies have previously found that women place greater emphasis on whether a man can provide for them, while men … Continue reading

Neandertals’ Extinction Not Caused by Deficient Diets, Tooth Analysis Shows

Researchers from George Washington University and the Smithsonian Institution have discovered evidence to debunk the theory that Neandertals’ disappearance was caused in part by a deficient diet — one that lacked variety and was overly reliant on meat. After discovering starch granules from plant food trapped in the dental calculus on 40-thousand-year-old Neandertal teeth, the … Continue reading

Transcending the Human, DIY Style

By John Borland BERLIN — Lepht Anonym wants everyone to know the door to transcending normal human capabilities is no farther away than your own kitchen. It’s just going to hurt like a sonofabitch. An articulate advocate for practical transhumanism. Anonym is a biohacker, a woman who has spent the last several years learning how … Continue reading