How Fashion and Feminism Became Bedfellows

A former Teen Vogue editor explains how Tavi Gevinson’s new magazine proves that the two are no longer mutually exclusive. Kara Jesella Features on Rookie magazine, at Among the twenty- and thirtysomething women who populate the New York publishing world, there’s a near-universal love for Sassy, the offbeat 1990s-era teen magazine, which they excitedly … Continue reading

Hot Collars

I got three custom shirts online. I’ll never buy off the rack again. Farhad Manjoo … I was intrigued by the new crop of Web companies that claim to make custom-fit men’s shirts for not that much money. These companies are powered by the same world-is-flat economics that govern the electronics business—like your phone, the … Continue reading


For many men, fashion is a foreign country. Luke Leitch, who has gone native, provides a map … Luke Leitch In September 2009 I was working on the features desk of the Times in London when I was told that I was needed to cover for a member of the fashion team who had gone … Continue reading

Roman Fashion Craze

Ancient Sartorialists Recent finds from a Roman fort in England have sparked re-examination of common notions about fabric production some 2,000 years ago. German experts believe new evidence indicates the Romans had a surprisingly advanced textile industry — and possibly a luxury fashion addiction. Frank Thadeusz DPA When the prefect Flavius Cerialis hosted a banquet … Continue reading

Sole Mate

Christian Louboutin and the psychology of shoes. Lauren Collins Louboutin at his Paris atelier. “A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk,” he says. Photograph by Benoît Peverelli. One afternoon in early March, the shoe designer Christian Louboutin decided to go for a ride on his Vespa. He had just had … Continue reading

Phillip Lim, Fashion Designer

He makes highly stylish designer clothes at a price point that’s accessible for nonsocialites. Jessica Grose Phillip Lim Two years ago, I tried on a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress at a local boutique. It was a lightweight wool with a delicate floral print and it gathered in an ingenious knot in the front. I’ve never … Continue reading

Emma Watson’s New Day

by Amanda Foreman | photographed by Mario Testino It’s the pixie-cut hair and flawless skin that give her away. Emma Watson is dressed unobtrusively in a cotton flower-print French Connection dress and beige sandals, but she is unmistakable. Fans have accosted her five times in the past half hour alone. Today is the actress’s twenty-first … Continue reading

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

by Sarah Mower | photographed by Bruce Weber They may be only five feet one apiece, but the Olsen twins are much bigger than you’d think. This is the year they’ve jointly jumped hurdle after hurdle toward winning credibility for The Row. First there was their impressively wearable blush-tinted spring collection, which they wrested from … Continue reading

Bill Cunningham

by Ian Buckwalter Zeitgeist Films Snap and go: For more than 50 years, Bill Cunningham has navigated New York on his bicycle — he’s had 27 stolen — chronicling the fashion spectrum from sidewalk to catwalk. Every morning, Bill Cunningham takes his bike out of a closet down the hall from his tiny studio apartment, … Continue reading

Renaissance Fashion: The Birth of Power Dressing

At what point did it begin to matter what you wore? Ulinka Rublack looks at why the Renaissance was a turning point in people’s attitudes to clothes and their appearance. I shall never forget, while staying in Paris, the day a friend’s husband returned home from a business trip. She and I were having coffee … Continue reading

Pedocouture: In Vogue magazine, 6-year-olds are sex vixens

Xeni Jardin The December issue of French Vogue, edited by Tom Ford, features an extensive spread of child models presented more or less like whores. The girl above is 6. Lemme spell that for you: s-i-x! I’m a big Tom Ford fan. Or, well, was. Artistic freedom and everything, and no, this shouldn’t be made … Continue reading

How To Become a Fashion Eccentric

Hint: Get eyeglasses, or a pet. Simon Doonan Lady GagaWhy are some women content to wear sweater sets and pearls, while others keep orangutans in their boudoirs and charge through life wearing avant-garde jump suits with pointy bits on the shoulders? What makes one gal head to the cotillion while another, teetering on shoes as … Continue reading

‘Glee’ Gone Wild

How the hell did a show about high school theater geeks come to be the biggest TV show in America? Well, T&A helps. (That’s talent and ambition, you pervs.) But so does a generous helping of pot-laced brownies, girl-on-girl subtext, and choreographed dry-humping. Gleeksters Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith pull Alex Pappademas into … Continue reading

Why GQ’s Glee Photos are Gleefully Sexy (if a Bit Trite)

by Brett Berk  Photograph by Terry Richardson. See the whole slide show at Much has been made of GQ’s recent cover shot and photo (ahem) spread featuring Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith of Glee. The Parents Television Council condemned the photographs as “bordering on pedophilia,” NPR called them “gross,” and taste-maker (and … Continue reading

‘Darpa Hoodie’ Brings Pentagon Geeks Into The Fashion World

By Spencer Ackerman What started out as a quest for a spare part that can morph shapes has taken the military’s far-out researchers to a place not even they could have imagined going: the runway. Meet the Darpa Hoodie, possibly the world’s most efficient garment. Manufactured by San Francisco’s Betabrand clothing designers, the shiny, oddly-seamed … Continue reading

Tymoshenko blasts Ukraine government’s new dress code

By Joshua Keating Former Ukrainian Prime Minister and style icon Yulia Tymoshenko is not happy about the new dress restrictions put in place by her rival, President Viktor Yanukovych: "The Queen of England and (Libya’s leader Muammar) Gaddafi, for instance, for sure would not have been allowed in the Cabinet," Tymoshenko, who is now a … Continue reading

An Established Designer With the Eye of an Upstart

Man Behind the Thakoon Label Juxtaposes Sleek, Tailored Look With Daring Details; But Don’t Expect to See Any Camel Among the fashion deities and style editors seated at the Thakoon show this week was a besuited gentleman dressed more for the United Nations than New York Fashion Week: Piriya Khempon, the consul-general of Thailand. Bryan … Continue reading

Miu Miu Comes of Age

By CHRISTINA PASSARIELLO Paris Miu Miu, the little sister to Italian fashion house Prada, has grown up. After living in Prada’s shadow for years, the label is finding that its moves to carve out an independent identity have paid off, catapulting Miu Miu into the top league of Europe’s fashion scene. Sales at Miu Miu, … Continue reading

The Turtle Bay Runway

The lights may have gone out at this year’s U.N. General Assembly, but it’s the glittering fashions — even more than the orations — that keep on shining. BY COLUM LYNCH When Hamid Karzai made his first appearance at the United Nations as Afghanistan’s president in 2002, he seemed to impress New York’s fashionistas as … Continue reading

Love letter meets jewellery

by Catherine de Lange  A word in your ear (Image: Cheng Xu) Nothing says "I love you" like jewellery – and this jewellery does it literally. Thanks to a new design by Cheng Xu, a student in tangible interactive design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can forget whispering sweet nothings into your … Continue reading

Biker Chicks

The New York Times wheels out a bogus-trend story about fashionable women on bicycles. By Jack Shafer Should we exclude the fashion, home, and food sections of the New York Times from our exercises in bogus-trend-spotting because so much of what passes as fashion, home, and food journalism is bogus to begin with? Or should … Continue reading

Style in Pen and Ink: Live-Drawing New York Fashion Week

Michael Arthur’s live drawings capture the sights and sounds that surrounded designers previewing their colorful spring-summer 2011 collections. Drawings and captions by Michael Arthur  WEB EXCLUSIVE September 17, 2010 New York City’s Lincoln Center, home to ballet, opera, plays, and symphonies, was the new site of Fashion Week. On Thursday, September 9, the first full … Continue reading

Jimmy Au’s designer-clothing for short men

Deskside by Zachary Kanin Short men in the United States are, some studies show, paid less than their taller peers. They are less likely to get hired for a job or receive a promotion, less likely to get elected President, and at a severe disadvantage in the height-obsessed world of dating. But perhaps the worst … Continue reading

Tavi Says

ABSTRACT: BLOGGING DEPT. about teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. By now, most people in the fashion industry recognize Tavi Gevinson, a fourteen-year-old girl from the suburbs of Chicago, who has been writing a fashion blog, Style Rookie, since she was eleven. Her blog is an enthusiastic chronicle of her thoughts on fashion, ranging from reviews … Continue reading

Teen Vogue

This week in the magazine, Lizzie Widdicombe writes about Tavi Gevinson, a fourteen-year-old blogger whose readers include John Galliano, Rei Kawakubo, and the Mulleavy sisters. “Much like a magazine editor, a fashion blogger highlights standout clothes, but the presentation is more intimate and idiosyncratic,” Widdicombe writes. “Tavi’s blog is proudly cluttered. ‘Inspiration’ images culled from … Continue reading

New York Fashion Week with Fashion Designer Chris Benz

by George Wayne  Designer Chris Benz is at the forefront of American fashion, and this New York Fashion Week he presents his 12th—and perhaps most important—collection to date. Yours truly visited his airy atelier on West 37th Street, in New York City, and found out, among other things, that this young American design prodigy has … Continue reading

Asian-Americans Climb Fashion Industry Ladder

Brendan McDermid/Reuters Jason Wu after his runway show at New York Fashion Week in February. By ERIC WILSON Published: September 4, 2010 The mood was set early at the American fashion awards ceremony at Lincoln Center in June, an event often likened to the Oscars of the fashion world, with a guest list that included … Continue reading