Europeans Against Multiculturalism

Political Attacks Misread History, Target Muslims, and May Win Votes John R. Bowen British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Chancellery in Berlin / The Prime Minister’s Office / Flickr(cc) One of the many signs of the rightward creep of Western European politics is the recent unison of voices denouncing … Continue reading

Europe’s fragile bonds

Wolfgang Munchau Greece is heading for default. If France and Germany decline to help, the eurozone—and Europe—could face disaster Riot police guard the National Bank of Greece, Athens. Violent protests against the government’s austerity measures have paralysed the city The eurozone is based on three pillars: loopholes, fudges and lies. They made this crisis inevitable. … Continue reading

German Obstructionism Heightens Euro Fears

By Charles Hawley   REUTERS German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under fire in Europe these days for her opposition to plans aimed at propping up the euro. All eyes are on Brussels this Thursday as European leaders gather to discuss ways to solve the ongoing euro crisis. So far, though, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has … Continue reading

Spain on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

European leaders need to stop whinging and start solving their debt crisis for real. BY EDWARD HUGH Europe’s debt crisis continues to spread — Greece and Ireland have already had to seek shelter from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, while bond spreads in Portugal and Spain are giving strong indication they might … Continue reading

The muddled future of the eurozone

By Daniel W. Drezner Europe’s debt crisis is not going away anytime soon, which means that the crisis over European monetary union won’t be going away either. As it turns out, the European Commission is on this, proposing things like "excessive deficit procedures" and the like.  Will this work? Well … let’s go to the … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Europes

Forget East and West, Europe is dividing itself into North and South. By Anne Applebaum Posted Monday, Sept. 6, 2010, at 8:02 PM ET AGIOS NIKOLAOS, CRETE, Greece—A handful of Estonians and a Pole are sitting around a Greek taverna, telling stories. There are some jokes about the good life the Greeks lead—all that vacation … Continue reading

Europe Gets It Right

The continent’s surprising comeback. BY KURT VOLKER, JUAN ZARATE The view of a failing Europe is en vogue, and for understandable reasons. The contours of crisis are glaring: bloated budgets, aging populations, declining military capabilities, and the fracturing of political solidarity over a range of issues from Russia and energy to enlargement and Turkey. Such … Continue reading

Turkey Is Not Going to Join the E.U.

By Geoffrey Wheatcroft Turkey is not going to join the European Union. Bald or candid statements are usually unwise, or “impolitic,” which is why politicians tend to avoid them, knowing that they may be falsified by events. But some can be made with absolute confidence, and here is one of them. This question has returned … Continue reading

European integrationists enrage British grocery shoppers

By Brian Fung. Riddle of the day: where might a single bread roll not be considered a roll of bread? In Europe, where a new rule outlaws the labeling of foodstuffs by their number and instead replaces them with labels by weight. No longer will eggs be sold by the dozen, or rolls in packages … Continue reading

Couples Retreat

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have long had a testy relationship, but at the EU Summit they’ll need to patch things up quickly to save the union — and possibly their own governments. BY MIRA KAMDAR. There are many reasons why marriages fail, but often the culprit is disagreement over money. … Continue reading