Are there health risks associated with too much grilling?

By Courtney Humphries. Q. Is it true that cooking foods on the grill has health risks and, if so, what’s a safe level of consumption? A. Firing up a grill and gathering for an outdoor barbecue is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Grilling has also gained popularity as a health strategy, offering intense flavor without … Continue reading

Ancient Manna on Modern Menus

Erin Gleeson for The New York Times Grains of Shir-Khesht manna and Hedysarum manna. By DAVID ARNOLD. AFTER several weeks of wandering the desert after their escape from Egypt, the Israelites were hungry, the Bible says, and started grumbling. So God conjured up two things for them to eat. In the evening, there were quails. … Continue reading

They Do the Work, You Reap the Yogurt

By HAROLD MCGEE. RIGHT now my kitchen is teeming with bacteria, and I’m doing everything I can to make them feel at home. They’re lactic acid bacteria, the ones that ferment milk into yogurt and buttermilk, cream into crème fraîche. I’ve been making all of these, as well as milk thickened with reputedly beneficial “probiotic” … Continue reading

Accused, Yes, but Probably Not a Killer

By HAROLD McGEE. AFTER 20 years of cultivating my garden in sunny inland Palo Alto, last year I moved 40 miles to San Francisco, where the cold, foggy summers are less hospitable to heat-loving tomatoes. Here at the end of July, my tomato plants are bearing just a few green fruits. But they have lots … Continue reading

Cooks Illustrated Meets MythBusters: Your New Favorite Cooking Blog

By Slate Staff. What’s the best way to kill a fish that you intend to eat raw? Let’s start with what not to do: Don’t pull the fish out of the water, bonk it on the head, and filet. That will result in metallic, mealy flesh. Better to hold the fish on the counter, place … Continue reading