Yale, Jews and double-standards

Photo by: Courtesy CAROLINE B. GLICK Last week Yale University announced its decision to close down its institute for the study of anti-Semitism. The move has been widely criticized as politically motivated. For its part, the university claims that the move was the result of purely academic considerations. While not clear-cut, an analysis of the … Continue reading

Remembering Six Days in 1967

The anniversary of Israel’s Six-Day War is a reminder why it cannot return to armistice borders. BY MICHAEL OREN "We shall destroy Israel and its inhabitants," declared Palestine Liberation Organization leader Ahmad al-Shuqayri. "As for the survivors — if there are any — the boats are ready to deport them." A half-million Arab soldiers and … Continue reading


An anthology on the concept of philo-Semitism shows that ‘Jew lovers’ have often been just a shade better than anti-Semites—and sometimes no better at all By Adam Kirsch Original photo Peter Asquith/Flickr Books about anti-Semitism are depressingly numerous. New studies of the subject appear in a constant stream, focusing on anti-Semitism in this or that … Continue reading

Demjanjuk Threatens to Go on Hunger Strike

John Demjanjuk, the 90-year-old former auto worker accused of helping to murder 27,900 Jews in the Holocaust, has threatened to go on hunger strike to to force the court to admit KGB documents he claims will exonerate him. In a statement, he has protested against what he calls his "political show trial." AP Threatening a … Continue reading

Mr. Kissinger, Have You No Shame?

Ignore the recent excuses. Henry Kissinger’s entire career was a series of massacres and outrages. By Christopher Hitchens Henry KissingerUntil the most recent release of the Nixon/Kissinger tapes, what were the permitted justifications for saying in advance that the slaughter of Jews in gas chambers by a hostile foreign dictatorship would not be "an American … Continue reading

US anti-Semitism at all-time low, or simply morphing?

By GIL SHEFLER  Harvard professor finds Judaism tops the list; American attitudes toward Jews ‘better than ever.’ “The stereotype in America now is that Jews are rich, smart and funny – so what’s there not to like?” sociologist Robert Putnam said on Thursday, based on a study he conducted with David E. Campbell and featured … Continue reading

Right-Wing Attitudes On the Rise in Germany

By Ole Reissmann   Getty Images Supporters of the right-wing extremist party NPD at a May Day demonstration in Berlin in 2009. A new study has revealed that far-right attitudes are deeply rooted in German society. One-third of Germans would send foreigners home if there weren’t enough jobs, while one-sixth think Jews have too much … Continue reading

Budapest Experiences A New Wave of Hate

Europe’s Capital of Anti-Semitism By Erich Follath DPA Budapest survived fascism and communism and blossomed after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Now the Hungarian capital is experiencing a rebirth of anti-Semitism. The far-right Jobbik party is part of the government and Jews are being openly intimidated. Neo-fascist thugs attacked Roma families, killing six people … Continue reading

How Anti-Semitism Helped Create Israel

At a desperate moment in World War I, British elites appealed to what they saw as the monolithic, all-powerful forces of "international Jewry" to turn the tide of the conflict — and promised them Palestine. BY JONATHAN SCHNEER On Nov. 2, 1917, the British cabinet promised to support "the establishment in Palestine of a national … Continue reading


The toxin of anti-Semitism isn’t a threat only to Jews. By Christopher Hitchens Image credit: Alex Majoli/Magnum Photos Honored recently with an invitation from the family of Daniel Pearl to give the annual memorial lecture that bears his name, I tried to speak about the protean character of the world’s most ancient and tenacious prejudice. … Continue reading

A critical diaspora is good for Israel

By Antony Lerman More and more British Jews are questioning Israel’s policies. David Cameron should capitalise on this David Cameron’s description of Gaza as a “prison camp” and his strong condemnation of Israel over the Turkish Gaza flotilla has, predictably, angered some commentators and politicians and pleased others. But if those who attacked his words, … Continue reading

A Hatred That Resists Exorcism

By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN. Is there anything left to be said about anti-Semitism? By now surely the outline is clear: how hatred of Jews grew out of early Christianity’s attempts to supplant Judaism; how the demonization of Jews in the Middle Ages turned violent; how the hatred was given its name by a 19th-century German journalist; … Continue reading

Dutch police go undercover as Jews to bust anti-Semites

By Sylvie Stein. When hate crimes strike the Dutch capital, the police officers head to the costume store. Amsterdam’s law enforcement regularly disguises themselves as members of a persecuted faction, patrols the streets incognito, and then arrests any violent perpetrators they encounter. In response to a spike in muggings, officers posed as pensioners and "grannies"; … Continue reading