Visual Accident

Strangely enough, I didn’t hear your steps retreating out on the marbled floor of the bank, through the main door, onto the outside pavement of the sidewalk, the main street. Thinking you were still inside, a young highschooler waiting for your old parents whom you had accompanied out of filial duty, and had some banking … Continue reading


Hey, checking out my password without my authorization, mademoiselle! Very funny! After the fact, I’m now somehow worried suddenly. Worried about what, I couldn’t say for sure. I’m incapable of answering that question. It’s probably about the possibility of unknown consequences, the big scary unknown. Oh, anyway Miss, it’s all right since I’ve nothing to … Continue reading

In View of the end

It will, with all probability come a day when feelings of uselessness, apathy, physical weakness, and boredom subdue and vanquish the will to continue to fight for survival and live a somewhat redundant and useless life of laziness and constant pain in the doldrums. When that time comes, if it ever comes, it’ll probably come … Continue reading

Another One Bites The Dust…

No sour grapes, please! I don’t even like grapes that much, green, blue, or black, not even oversweet sultanas for that matter; in the various varieties of the fermented states excepted. Furthermore, for reasons of humility, I shouldn’t comment on my own sweetness, whether including or excluding the various shades and nuances of sourness. It’s … Continue reading


My deepest and sincerest apology to anybody who’s been checking my blogs lately in the hope of discovering a recent new hot posting arising from some fertile surreal imagination or just plain real life adventure, very much like a shining nugget half-tucked in miles of dirt, only to be met by the total and brutal … Continue reading

No Connections?

What a mess and a chore! Headaches! There are no solutions on the horizon yet, except maybe change the internet provider. No internet connection and I have to make a small correction in my previous entry. Not a big thing but nevertheless a small rectification and modification in terms of precision of thoughts already passed, … Continue reading

Beautiful God…

Beautiful God-given godchild Oh, you’re so beautiful; I couldn’t believe my eyes! You were radiating the perfect colors, of the perfect rainbow, on a perfect day; and, humbly acting like an ordinary member of the female gender of the human race, though you’ve been blessed with favors from Aphrodite. Am I glad I’m a fluent … Continue reading

Local Library

While at the local library recently spending quality time in one of my favorite bays, in the charming company of, phosphorescent-eyed bookworms lurking in their underlit arena, ignorant municipal employees congregating to loud parties and constantly paying social visits to other stations and the toilet, I was approached by an elderly gentleman visiting the same … Continue reading

Dodgy dvds?

Somebody wrote: “… the dvds with dodgy contents …” I can infer ‘the’ to mean mine, making allusion to yours truly’s illicit social habit. Call it paranoia although I’m not suffering from schizophrenia or dementia praecox. I surely do not have to go for the services of a certified graphologist or a psychiatrist. I’ve been … Continue reading


His judgement is tinted by the color of the glasses he is wearing, and therefore tends towards the conservative as when he is confronted with new unknown situations or sports he’s not acquainted with or hasn’t tried yet. Therefore roller blading is dangerous according to him. The different ways he sees and thinks must necessarily … Continue reading


He is ignorant of specific scientific facts in the presently available sports medicine literature, that can be easily and readily acessed at the push of a button from the web, such as the performance, mantainance, regrowing and revitalizing of the fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, the former for sprinting short distances such as the … Continue reading


Haruki Murakami interestingly compares long distance running to writing. He should know because of all people he practises both, and has reached an enlightened level in each discipline. To sum up his latest(?) book: ‘focus and endurance are the key words, the formula’s name and Code Success’. Focus and endurance, theses two little innocuous words … Continue reading


Somebody wrote: “your expertise is in languages, correct?” No, of course not! I strongly resent this question, not from cheap hypocritical religious or moral humility but frankly from the blaring white truth if such thing or concept really exists. I’m certainly a student of languages, by all means, and a lover of languages and tongues … Continue reading


I was finally considering buying through which I’ve never tried to do when I decided to learn how to download from the web. After doing so painfully and freely for days, weeks, months and years on an extremely slow dial-up line all the old classics whose authors have died a long time ago their … Continue reading


Not to mean that I’m not reading anything at this stage of life, this moment in time, in our present time frame, our personal reality. This would be a far cry from the truth. There’s a whole lifetime to read, more than the whole ancient library of Alexandria to drink this thirst out in a … Continue reading


… started to run again … Hopefully, I’ll be back running seriously on a regular daily basis during late afternoons, or early morning hours, or better still both for a straight ten days and break for one day or more, and if really necessary like two, just like in the previous year. This is all … Continue reading

Lanky Gal

Thank you very much for inviting me on FaceBook, Bea! By the way, what took you so long to make up your mind before deciding to push that little button? Yea, yea, I know, I know, you can disinvite me anytime for my holler, and your fingers are getting real itchy on that keyboard of … Continue reading

BBQ Lobster & Seafood

Oh! Gees! Salivating! Ivan Pavlov’s drooling dogs, and I can’t even hear the sound of the bell! How come I missed that one! Oh, I remember now. Was copying dvds of pdfs all morning. What a sacrifice! Regrets! All in the name of knowledge, hey! Hope somebody is reading them though!

Lady Sex

‘Lady Stress’ was a special entry for you. Thanks indirectly to you, I assumed a lot of hits … and among other searches preponderantly ‘Lady Sex’. Now I know what would bring me, if not fortune and fame, way too many mistaken hits that would definitely bring more balooning frustrations to the public at large. … Continue reading


Hey Mary Jane! Next time we meet, maybe you’ll hack a coke machine to service my instant thirst, as proof you’ve read a pdf from the dvds. I’ll surely have a yen for cola if not coke at your smiling sight by then. I’m really looking forward to this eventful secretive sharing of useful information, … Continue reading

Mr Ninja

Thank you very much, Sweetheart! Your beautiful picture of the man from u.n.c.l.e. looks more like Mr Ninja squatting on a high mound doing, among all beautiful things natural in nature, first thing in the morning, Business Number One! As if the top still needs to be blessed, by being fertilized with night soil. I’m … Continue reading

Urgency, Emergency or Insanity?

Wednesday, last week, around four in the afternoon, I had to discard a cardboard box of rubbish out onto the main street downtown of the city so that the garbage collectors might get a chance of catching it on their way in or out cleaning the city on their daily slow smelly heavy haul in … Continue reading

Living Pains

What’s this undiagnosed throb, throbbing pain, dwelling deep inside my hot fuming knotted guts, radiating and leeching out to the surface of an all in-existent unscratched scab? An invisible thorn has seemingly, unseen to the all-powerful watchful eyes, the wide open world, torn wide open the fresh firm flesh of life, wormed itself to the … Continue reading

Responding to an invitation

Hey Olie! What’s up? Anything outrageous on your side of the continent? BTW, I was trying unsuccessfully to cancel & close my seldom used Facebook a/c when I somehow stumbled and discovered strangely & surprisingly in my sparse list of friends your long name ‘awaiting friend confirmation’ & pending recognition. I really don’t know what’s … Continue reading


This short one is for you J.G.C. Remember your first day at school in junior kindergarten, or more precisely after school at home that afternoon on a September long gone by, in that spacious quiet house with the large colorful garden and fluttering butterflies always hovering around in summer … on Harvest Moon Drive? As … Continue reading


Certainly not Metamorphosis… By some pure accident of fate or simple retribution of heaven for an unknown vile act committed in another better age, better world, better country and better life, I was one night somehow confronted by a giant hairy brownish black spider sporting huge and fiery darting wild eyes that had come out … Continue reading