Bulgur: Natural Weight-Loss Food

This Middle Eastern staple sounds more exotic than it is; bulgur is what’s left after wheat kernels have been steamed, dried, and crushed. This cereal grain has been a food staple for years because it offers an inexpensive source of low-fat protein, making it a wonderfully nutritious addition to your low-calorie meal plan.

High in fiber and protein, and low in fat and calories, bulgur is another food that offers bulk and nutrients to fill you up without adding pounds. One thing to keep in mind, a cup of bulgur has fewer calories, less fat, and more than twice the fiber of brown rice.

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One Response to “Bulgur: Natural Weight-Loss Food”
  1. Dr Ken Romeo says:

    I have found that the best part about bulgar is that it offers “variety” from the Standard American Diet which is a sure killer.
    Thanks for the great post.

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