Which Countries Have the Tastiest MREs?

Heather Murphy

For a soldier whose days range from boring to death-defying, opening and consuming an MRE (meal, ready to eat) is a reliable ritual. Its contents, created to last for at least five years, are meant to comfort as well as nourish. M & M’s are a taste of home for American troops, while Germans get Stimorol chewing gum and Italian troops receive three toothbrushes and three toothpicks with each meal.

“They are obsessed with their dental hygiene,” explains photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson, of the photo collective VII.

Gilbertson, who has eaten hundreds of MREs alongside the troops during his years as a war photographer, documented these and dozens of other carefully packaged meals for his photo series “Military Rations of Troops in Afghanistan.” This is the fuel behind the war that turned ten on Friday.

MRE Slideshow

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