Impressed by FBI trojan, Germans write their own—and national scandal ensues

Matthew Lasar Impressed by FBI trojan, Germans write their own—and national scandal ensues

It has been pretty chaotic in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet ever since the Chaos Computer Club dumped some alarming technology news in her lap. Turns out that the German government’s "lawful interception" application, supposedly designed only to monitor IP telephone calls, is just a little more powerful than the police let on.

Berlin-based CCC released its analysis of Germany’s "Quellen-TKÜ" ("source wiretapping") trojan on Saturday. The results weren’t pretty. Despite a constitutional court ban on the use of malware to crack PCs, the state-sanctioned malware’s makers didn’t even bother to add technical barriers ensuring that the code would only be used for tapping Internet telephone conversations.

"On the contrary, the design included functionality to clandestinely add more components over the network right from the start, making it a bridge-head to further infiltrate the computer," CCC’s report noted.

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