An Iranian bomb plot in America?


IRAN is a rum country, especially in the minds of Americans who remember with bitterness how its revolutionaries seized their embassy in 1979 and held its staff hostage for 444 days. But even Americans were startled by this week’s exposure of a plot, allegedly hatched by elements in the Iranian government, to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador, by planting a bomb in his favourite restaurant in Washington, DC.

One of the alleged plotters, now under arrest and facing charges of conspiracy to murder, is Manssor Arbabsiar (pictured), who holds both American and Iranian passports. Another, still at large, is Gholam Shakuri. The American authorities say he is an Iran-based member of the al-Quds force: an elite unit, part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, which the American government designates as a terrorist organisation.

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