An ignoble confusion

A BRIEF kerfuffle in Balkan and literary circles today: the venerable Serbian novelist, Dobrica Cosic was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Well, that is what it said here. But, hang on, no he wasn’t. It has been given to Tomas Transtromer, from Sweden. What is up? Someone went to the time and effort to fake a page which was then linked to the rest of the real Nobel website. Mr Cosic’s victory was then announced on the fake page.

The fake page has the url and the real Nobel website is The fake domain has been registered to one “Gjord Halvorsen” and an Oslo address and phone number, which does not work, is given. The name, which is rather unusual, is perhaps an alias. No sign of a person of that name can be found with a casual google search. An email to the address given has brought no response.

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