The Silk browser fastest mobile browsing experience

Erica Naone

Among the features announced with Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet is an unexpected and innovative new piece of software: a Web browser called Amazon Silk that taps into Amazon’s enormous cloud infrastructure to speed up the delivery of content to a mobile device.

Browsing the Web on a smart phone or tablet can often be a frustrating experience, even when using the latest device over a relatively fast connection. This is because websites are increasingly complex, and because, by and large, they are still primarily designed for more powerful computers and broadband wired connections.

"The modern Web has become a complicated place," said Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos during the launch of the Kindle Fire on Wednesday. He pointed out that a typical modern Web page has to load a huge amount of information besides the main content of the page: images, Flash animations, third-party ads, and other things.

Speed was the main goal for Silk, says Jon Jenkins, director of the project. "The thing that is more important to users than anything else is perceived page load time," he says. "That’s what we’ve really targeted here."

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