Maurice Sendak

At 83, children’s author Maurice Sendak is as productive – and angry – as ever. Roald Dahl? Glad he’s dead. The US right? Schnooks. Life? Awful. Emma Brockes gets an earful

Emma Brockes

Maurice Sendak looks like one of his own creations: beady eyes, pointy eyebrows, the odd monsterish tuft of hair and a reputation for fierceness that makes you tip-toe up the path of his beautiful house in Connecticut like a child in a fairytale. Sendak has lived here for 40 years – until recently with his partner Eugene, who died in 2007; and now alone with his dog, Herman (after Melville), a large alsatian who barges to the door to greet us. "He’s German," says Sendak, getting up from the table where he is doing a jigsaw puzzle of a monster from his most famous book, Where the Wild Things Are. Sotto voce, he adds: "He doesn’t know I’m Jewish."

At 83, Sendak is still enraged by almost everything that crosses his landscape.

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Maurice Sendak, children's author, at his home in Connecticut

There be monsters … Maurice Sendak, children’s author, at his home in Connecticut. Photograph: Tim Knox for the Guardian

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