Many U.S. Drinking Water Wells Contaminated

Private drinking water wells are unmonitored and unregulated, but often contaminated with potentially dangerous elements

Marla Cone and Environmental Health News 

Iron, arsenic, manganese, and aluminum are in the acidic fountain at the Echinus geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Image: daveynin/Flickr

In Nebraska, along the Platte River​, it’s uranium. In Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, it’s arsenic. In California, boron. And in the Texas Panhandle, lithium.

Throughout the nation, metals and other elements are tainting private drinking water wells at concentrations that pose a health concern.

For one element – manganese – contamination is so widespread that water wells with excessive levels are found in all but just a few states. Arsenic, too, is a national problem, scattered in every region.

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