Analog Photography Project

Jakob Schiller

One of the FOCUSED camera kits ready to be shipped. (Clockwise from top left) 35mm manual body preloaded with ISO 200 film, 50mm f/1.8 manual focus lens, journal notebook for photographer notes, emergency roll of film, and strap. Photo: Chip Litherland

Sometime in early November, Florida photographer Chip Litherland will load five 35mm cameras with color film, carefully pack them into shipping cases, and mail them to five different photographers around the globe. Each photographer who receives a camera will be challenged to shoot just one picture before they have to ship the camera on to someone else.

Assuming they aren’t lost in the mail or ruined by curious customs agents, the cameras will eventually pass through the hands of 200 photographers on a round-the-world journey.

At a time when motor drives, digital cameras and iPhones have contributed to what he calls an “industry polluted with imagery,” Litherland said the venture, dubbed the FOCUSED project, is designed to slow things down—take it back to basics.

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Chip Litherland. Photo: Courtesy Chip Litherland.


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