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Daniel Soar

This spring, the billionaire Eric Schmidt announced that there were only four really significant technology companies: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, the company he had until recently been running. People believed him. What distinguished his new ‘gang of four’ from the generation it had superseded – companies like Intel, Microsoft, Dell and Cisco, which mostly exist to sell gizmos and gadgets and innumerable hours of expensive support services to corporate clients – was that the newcomers sold their products and services to ordinary people. Since there are more ordinary people in the world than there are businesses, and since there’s nothing that ordinary people don’t want or need, or can’t be persuaded they want or need when it flashes up alluringly on their screens, the money to be made from them is virtually limitless. Together, Schmidt’s four companies are worth more than half a trillion dollars. The technology sector isn’t as big as, say, oil, but it’s growing, as more and more traditional industries – advertising, travel, real estate, used cars, new cars, porn, television, film, music, publishing, news – are subsumed into the digital economy. Schmidt, who as the ex-CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation had learned to take the long view, warned that not all four of his disruptive gang could survive. So – as they all converge from their various beginnings to compete in the same area, the place usually referred to as ‘the cloud’, a place where everything that matters is online – the question is: who will be the first to blink?

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  • The Googlisation of Everything (and Why We Should Worry) by Siva Vaidhyanathan
    California, 265 pp, £18.95, March 2011, ISBN 978 0 520 25882 2
  • BuyIn the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives by Steven Levy
    Simon and Schuster, 424 pp, £18.99, May 2011, ISBN 978 1 4165 9658 5
  • BuyI’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 by Douglas Edwards
    Allen Lane, 416 pp, £20.00, July 2011, ISBN 978 1 84614 512 4
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