Amazon Opens Fire

The new Kindle is a tablet for the masses.

Will Oremus

Jeff Bezos introduces the Kindle Fire, Amazon's entry into the tablet market Jeff Bezos introduces the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s entry into the tablet marketTo just about any criticism of its new Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon has a two-word answer. It doesn’t come with 3G Internet access? It’s $199. It doesn’t take pictures? It’s $199. It won’t immerse you in HD-rendered scenery as you race a virtual Bugatti through the streets of Tokyo at 180 mph? It’s $199.

It’s a potent pitch. Wax all you want about the superior look and feel and the gee-whiz specs of Apple’s iPad. The reality is that there are a lot of people out there who can’t justify plopping down more than $500 for a shiny toy they don’t really need. But $199 for a shiny toy you don’t really need? Now you’re talking.

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