Bossy Women Have Less Sex

Amanda Marcotte

Today in misleading science reporting: headlines screaming about a study that supposedly demonstrated that "dominant women have less sex." That is, women who have more power in their heterosexual relationships have less sex. You can hear the gleeful squeals of anti-feminists all over the Internet: finally, proof that women’s happiness is dependent on their submission! Woooo!

I’d put down those party favors, however, because the study showed no such thing. First of all, the term "dominant" is misleading. The word should really only be used to describe people who are actually, you know, dominant. That a woman is less submissive and/or more empowered than the average woman doesn’t actually make her "dominant." If you read the researchers’ own words regarding the study, you’ll find that they never say that the women studied actually dominate their husbands, just that the more household decisions a woman makes, the less sex she has. That someone makes even half of the household decisions doesn’t make her dominant.

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