Party Hard, Study Harder

The stakes are getting higher for U.S. college students in programs abroad—and it’s not just about going wild overseas.

Nick Summers

“In every study-abroad program, you’re going to find students who just want to drink and sleep around,” says Jonah Newman, a senior at Northwestern. “But people traveling to the Middle East, to parts of Asia, to places that are on the world stage—where interesting things are happening—you’re going to find more serious students.”

Newman, who spent the fall of his junior year in Morocco, should know. He’s the editor of The 195, a thriving website where more than 100 Northwestern students have chronicled their semesters overseas—studying obstetrics in Chile, TV news in China, Arabic in Jordan. Their tales show that American college students, eyeing an uncertain job market, are turning to study-abroad programs to prepare them for a global economy, in which new cultures, languages, and ways of doing business are critical.

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