Heat-Blasting Fan

Christina Bonnington

Finally, a cold weather companion to Dyson Air Multiplier fans, the Dyson Hot. Image: Gizmodo

The Dyson Air Multiplier, the magical, ridiculously pricy, blade-less fan that’s wowed us for years has a wintertime version: the Dyson Hot.

Its blade-free oblong ring looks almost exactly like Dyson’s cool breeze-blowing Tower Fan model, yet it’s smaller and of course, hotter.

The Dyson Hot doesn’t have any exposed heating elements and has automatic shut-off when it tips over, which makes it a safe option for the home. Dyson claims its surface won’t reach dust-burning levels, so that means you’ll never get that funky scorched smell you normally get when you finally flip the space heater on after six months of storage.

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