iPad-only workday?

Jacqui Cheng

Masochist me? An Ars writer's iPad-only workday

According to Steve Jobs, we’ve already entered the post-PC world thanks to the iPad, the iPhone, and other non-computer computing devices. But have we? Sure, musicians and artists might get by doing their work on these newfangled devices, but what about those of us who lack the talent to doodle New Yorker covers for a living, forcing us to perform more "normal" jobs?

When I reviewed the original iPad in the spring of 2010, I wrote part of the review on the iPad itself. At that time, however, apps for the iPad were few; developers didn’t yet have a full grasp of what it meant to develop software for such a large non-laptop device. I wrote the section of the review in the iPad’s default Notes app—text only, of course—and did the formatting work, the images, and the content management system (CMS) wrangling on a traditional computer, as any sane person would. But both native and Web apps have come quite a long way over the last 17 months, causing us to wonder: is it now truly possible to do a full day’s worth of work for Ars using nothing but an iPad?

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