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I got three custom shirts online. I’ll never buy off the rack again.

Farhad Manjoo

… I was intrigued by the new crop of Web companies that claim to make custom-fit men’s shirts for not that much money. These companies are powered by the same world-is-flat economics that govern the electronics business—like your phone, the clothes are designed in America and made overseas (usually in China, but one pair of custom pants I purchased was constructed in Portugal). There are more than a half-dozen such companies online; over the last few months, I tried out three of them. And they were all amazing.

Choosing the best custom-fit shirt company is like choosing your favorite kitten. Each of these shirts was better than any shirt I’ve ever purchased off the rack. Any quibbles I had with any single company were trumped by the fact that they were making shirts exactly to my size, in luxurious fabrics, for about the same as I’d pay in a store. After experiencing this service, I don’t see any point in buying off the rack again.

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