Drinking, Rape, and Feminism

Rachael Larimore

Jessica, I’ve been thinking about the issue of women and drinking and rape ever since I read the victim’s statement the other day, on the NYT ’s City Room blog, particularly the passage:

I have waited two and half years for closure that will now never come. Hearing that verdict brought me to my knees; it brought me back to my bedroom on that awful night when my world was turned upside down.

I don’t want to minimize the importance of having conversations on this matter, even if we’ve been debating about drinking and rape ever since the dawn of feminism and not gotten anywhere. But all this theoretical conversing  ignores a very unpleasant reality. Rape is ugly and miserable and terrible. And so we need to be more pragmatic.

On the one hand, alcohol consumption is no different than dressing: Just because a woman wears revealing clothes doesn’t mean she’s asking for it, and neither does a woman having a few drinks…. Read More>>


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