Moveable Feast

Susan Orlean


I moved a lot in my post-college years, and the single biggest, heaviest, most exasperating thing to move besides my books was my record collection. I had at least ten or fifteen crates of LPs, and then, in later years, a bunch of cassettes, too, and most of my moving involved figuring out how to get them from Apartment A to Apartment B (followed immediately by figuring out how and where to shelve them in Apartment B). The advent of CDs downsized my load considerably, but I still had a lot of plastic to cart around and store. Now my entire music collection is on one iPod. While the movers who probably paid for their children’s college educations thanks to me are probably very bitter about it, I am thrilled that I can pack all of my music for my upcoming yearlong relocation to Los Angeles in my pocket. Someday that same may be true for my books; instead of lugging box after box of them I will simply put my Kindle and my iPad into my purse and be done with it.

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