Discount Smart Phones Coming to Germany

In Kenya, a Chinese-manufactured Android phone has taken the mobile market by storm. Starting in September, frugal Germans will be able to buy a similar discount Android from the same company — for a hundred euros.

The Huawei smart phone, a hit in East Africa. SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Huawei smart phone, a hit in East Africa.

"The market for smart phones is definitely in a transitional phase," Lars-Christian Weisswange, a vice president at Huawei’s Western European division, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. The company is betting that consumers will aim for affordable rather than luxury-brand smart phones.

"More and more people are realizing the benefit of mobile Internet," says Weisswange — especially in African countries like Kenya, where mobile phones are popular to start with. Since many African countries lack solid land-line infrastructure, and computers are expensive, Internet-ready mobile phones are a growing market.

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