Check in, Conk Out

A London hotel that offers an insomniac’s package.

Lucy Kellaway

Sleeping. Click image to expand.Sleeper

If I had to make a list of all the things that stop me from getting to sleep it would be a long one. On it would be: work, rows, BlackBerrys, exams, public speaking, catching planes, anger, grief, love, sadness, alcohol, snoring, food, happiness, conversation, creaking floorboards, teenagers staggering home late and the next-door neighbour’s motorbike.

Yet, more than any of the above, two other things guarantee that I will fail to nod off. The first is lying in a strange bed. The second, more disastrous than all the rest put together, is dwelling on the question of how much (or little) sleep I’m getting.

When the Milestone Hotel in Kensington, London, invited me to sample its new Sound Sleep Experience package, to include an hour’s consultation with Tej Samani, a "deep sleep coach", I felt a twinge of hope – even though I knew the odds were stacked heavily against success.

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