Free To Be IUD

Will new insurance coverage make the intrauterine device America’s favorite contraceptive?

Amanda Marcotte

Will Obamacare make the IUD more prevalent?

For years now, the IUD has supposedly been poised for its big comeback. Doctors, reproductive health advocates, and countless articles in the popular press have sung its praises for being more effective than the pill, lauded its safety and ease of use, and encouraged women to look past its unfortunate history. But while its popularity has inched up over the years—fewer than 1 percent of contraceptive users relied on the IUD in 1995, but by 2006-08, 5.5 percent used it—it is still a distant also-ran when compared to blockbuster reversible contraceptives like the pill, chosen by 28 percent of contraception users and the male condom, favored by 16 percent of contraception users.

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