Report of ancient meat-fest by human ancestors disputed

Courtesy of PNAS
and World Science staff

Some re­search­ers are chal­leng­ing a re­port pub­lished last sum­mer claim­ing that an­ces­tral hu­mans seem to have butchered an­i­mal bones 3.4 mil­lion years ago.
The dis­put­ed re­port sug­gested that hu­man an­ces­tors were us­ing stone tools and eat­ing meat nearly a mil­lion years ear­li­er than pre­vi­ously doc­u­mented. The pa­per ap­peared in the Aug. 12 is­sue of the re­search jour­nal Na­ture.
But it may have lacked suf­fi­cient ev­i­dence to back it up, ac­cord­ing to re­search­ers de­tail­ing their own new study in this week’s early on­line edi­tion of the re­search jour­nal Pro­ceed­ings of the Na­tio­n­al Aca­de­my of Sci­en­ces.

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