Gun Running

What’s the best way to pack heat while jogging?

Brian Palmer

Texas Governor Rick Perry fires a six-shooter pistol in downtown Fort Worth. Click image to expand.Rick Perry fires a shooter pistol during a Texas Motor Speedway event

Reporters asked newly announced presidential candidate Rick Perry on Monday whether he carries a gun while campaigning. Perry refused to answer, but he does seem to carry guns in unexpected places. He shot a coyote while jogging in 2010, for example. What’s the safest way to carry a gun while running?

In a jog holster, of course. There are plenty of threads on Internet forums discussing the best way to run with a gun. Some gun-toting runners use fanny packs. These are less than optimal since the weapon bounces around and the wearer must fumble with a zipper in an emergency. Others wear their weapons in thigh or ankle holsters but complain that those devices create a sense of imbalance and tend to slide down the leg. Manufacturers have recently responded with holsters specifically meant for exercise.

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