Free Diver Pursues World Records at Deadly Depths

Photo Gallery: Into the Deep


In an interview with SPIEGEL, French free diver Guillaume Néry discusses the dangerous pursuit of world records, the art of holding his breath for up to eight minutes and how diving can help humans rethink their relationship to water.

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Guillaume Néry, 29, is a free diver in the Constant Weight Apnea discipline. The Frenchman was the 2008 world champion and has set four world records in the sport. In 2002 he became the youngest world record holder in history. Constant Weight, also referred to as CWT, is considered to be the purest of the free-diving disciplines. Divers descend and ascend along a rope using only their fins and arms. Touching the rope is allowed just once to stop the descent. Austrian Herbert Nitsch currently holds the record of 124 meters.

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