Polygamists Are Coming Out of the Closet

By Jacek Przybylski
The opinion that polygamists will start advocating for marriage after the gay community scored victories in that field is very widespread.
Translated By Matthew Matyjek
25 July 2011

Edited by Heidi Kaufmann

Poland – Wirtualna Polska – Original Article (Polish )
The war for polygamist rights has been waged in the United States, Canada and Israel. Local authorities in Malaysia have organized rewards for husbands, who have taken care of their wives the best.
American activists for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals have made great strides over the past two decades. A half-century ago, when Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, 22 out of 50 states had laws against mixed-race marriages. In those days, marriage between two men or women was out of the question. Intensive lobbying by the LGBT community has changed the American outlook toward homosexuals and gay marriage.
Sex According to the Founding Fathers
When a Georgia policeman discovered two gay gentlemen engaging in oral sex in a private residence in 1982, he promptly arrested the pair. Three years later, the American Supreme Court ruled that the Georgia law against oral and anal sex is in compliance with the Constitution. The privacy arguments of one of the lawyers representing the gay men were dismissed by Justice Byron White as not serious.
In 2003, the Supreme Court decided in the case of Lawrence v. Texas that the government has no say in the intimate life of the American citizen. The decision made the chances of gay and lesbian plaintiffs in other cases significantly better. In one decade, the moral American landscape was radically altered, as even the recent California decision to include gay history shows.
Currently, gay marriages are legal in six states, and the recent New York decision to legalize gay marriage has convinced many activists that the day of legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states is not a question of “if” but “when.” An important official of the Roman Catholic Church, Timothy Dolan, warned Catholics that the next step in the altering of marriage will be to redefine it so as to accommodate polygamy and infidelity.

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