Judge calls $1.5M file-sharing judgment "appalling,"

slashes to $54,000

Nate Anderson | Published 2 days ago

Judge calls $1.5M file-sharing judgment "appalling," slashes to $54,000

Thong underwear sold by Jammie Thomas-Rasset after her first trial to pay her legal bills

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the first US resident to have the file-sharing lawsuits against her go all the way to trial and verdict back in 2007, “lied in her trial testimony," said federal judge Michael Davis today. And her “past refusal to accept responsibility for her actions raises the need for strong deterrence."

But that deterrence won’t come courtesy of a jury, which last year found Thomas-Rasset liable for $1.5 million dollars—$62,500 for each song she was accused of sharing on the KaZaA peer-to-peer network. That case was her third time through a trial; the first two trials had ended with Thomas-Rasset on the hook for $222,000 and $1.92 million, respectively. In each case, Judge Thomas has altered or set aside the jury’s verdict, and he did so again this morning.

Davis has found that the $1.5 million award was unconstitutional; he slashed it to $54,000—$2,250 per song. And even then, the amount was "a higher award than the Court might have chosen to impose in its sole discretion.”

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