If you care about your sperm,

watch out for secondhand smoke

Kate Shaw

If you care about your sperm, watch out for secondhand smoke

Listen up, guys! There are plenty of rumors that tight pants can decrease your sperm count, and that keeping your cell phone in your pocket can contribute to cancer in some delicate areas. As if you didn’t have enough worry about down there, now there’s another potential threat, and this one has some actual research to back it up. According to a recent study in PNAS, exposure to second-hand smoke may actually cause mutations in sperm cells.

The main—and most dangerous—component of second-hand smoke is called "sidestream tobacco smoke," and it contains more than 4,000 chemicals. Some of the carcinogenic compounds are actually present at higher levels in sidestream smoke than in "mainstream" tobacco smoke, the smoke that is actually inhaled by smokers.

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