US military halting hackers with "cyber hygiene"

Nate Anderson

US military strategy: we'll halt hackers with "cyber hygiene"

The US military really likes the Internet—and wants to keep it clean. The Department of Defense yesterday released its “Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace" (PDF), which opens by noting that “it is difficult to overstate this reliance” on the Internet. But to keep the Internet both useful and secure, the Department of Defense is calling for a system of “good cyber hygiene.”

“Most vulnerabilities of and malicious acts against DOD systems can be addressed through good cyber hygiene. Cyber hygiene must be practiced by everyone at all times; it is just as important for individuals to be focused on protecting themselves as it is to keep security software and operating systems up to date… People are the department’s first line of defense in sustaining good cyber hygiene and reducing insider threats.”

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