Will China and the U.S. be Strategic Partners?

By Kirill Zubkov, Ivan Antonov
The two global giants are growing closer. Will Russia oppose their possible union?
Translated By Lucile McKay
6 July 2011

Edited by Kate­rina Kobylka

Russia – Izvestia – Original Article (Russian)
The tenth anniversary of the Agreement on Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation between Russia and the People’s Republic of China is being commemorated in Beijing. It was signed on July 16, 2001. Representatives of the Russian and Chinese research communities, former ambassadors from China to Russia, Russian diplomatic personnel and other people who are somehow connected to Russian-Chinese relations have gathered for the event. The Chinese Institute of Foreign Affairs organized the conference.
Chen Gopin, a high-ranking official of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced, "The consistency of Moscow’s and Beijing’s positions on vital issues of regional and international business plays a key role in regulating a number of global problems – the nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea and the situations in Afghanistan and North Africa."
In recent times, a wide discussion has been spreading in the local political research community about China’s place in the modern world as well as its relationship with other countries. Its ties with the U.S. stand separately, as usual. A number of experts on both sides of the ocean say directly that these two governments will become the defining global forces in the foreseeable future.

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