Eating alone

There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal with someone you love – yourself

Tucker Shaw
The Denver Post

Cartoons by Moe Scance

"Always by himself. Mr. iPod. He gets dangerous during the drum solos." (Moe Scance, The Denver Post)

Conjure the image of a single person in an elegant restaurant taking dinner alone, and you’ll conjure inner conflict. How does it make you feel? The image, the idea of it, is bittersweet.

Surely she’s from out of town, you think when you see her sitting solo at a table swept clean of its second setting. Or, How sad. He must be lonely.

Then you return to your own dull conversation and think, I wish that was me over there.

It’s common to see a party of one at breakfast, or lunch, or even at the bar at dinnertime, where televisions and bartenders stand in for more intimate companionship.

But dining out alone — at a table, in the dining room — is rare. It is a conspicuous act, one that is noticed. It requires a certain confidence, a willingness to face the inevitable question, "Just one tonight?" and not hear, "How pathetic." It is not for everybody.

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