Building a better quantum computer with lasers and (impure) diamonds

Chris Lee

Building a better quantum computer with lasers and (impure) diamonds

1mm yellow diamond cubes

If the development of a quantum computer were like motor racing, then we would currently be in the twisty-turny bit that comes before we barrel over the mountain and hit the long, fast straightaway. We know the requirements for quantum computing; we even know systems that kinda-sorta meet these requirements. But no existing quantum computing architecture—that is, how we make quantum bits (qubits) and perform operations on them—is really all that satisfying. If you don’t even know which materials are best for building a quantum computer, it makes progress awfully slow.

As a result, a lot of researchers have moved away from constructing proof-of-principle demonstrations of quantum computing, and are now trying to create clever ways to make qubits better behaved. A pair of papers look into the prospects for using impure diamonds as an architecture for quantum computing

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