How Much Ice Do You Need For Your Drinks?

Rhett Allain

Let me start with some assumptions.

  • Suppose you get n drinks and these start at room temperature. Let me say room temperature is 22 °C (about 72 °F).
  • You start with ice and drinks. The ice is just at 0 °C.
  • The cans are filled with water. I am actually surprised that canned water isn’t more popular. Why water? This is so I can use the specific heat capacity of water.
  • How much water? Well, the standard size is 12 fl. This would be 355 ml or 355 grams of water.
  • The can is aluminum and about 15 grams.
  • The cooler has no mass. Yes, it is one of those massless coolers that you can get from the store. Also, the amount of energy transfer while the drinks are cooling is small.

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