China’s Maritime Interests

What They Are and What They Aren’t

Peter J. Munson

A recent article at the Small Wars Journal by Dr. Tony Corn asserts the existence of a "Sino-Islamic nexus," based on the first ever entry of a Chinese warship into the Med to extract refugees from Libya.  While this move certainly is reflective of China’s growing global ambitions, the assertion of a "Sino-Islamic nexus" is only the wistful fear mongering of an academic seeking to combine two of the biggest strategic catchwords in one hyphenated phrase (the clash of civilizations also makes it into the first paragraph).  It is bunk.
Corn calls for mapping this "Sino-Islamic nexus," while also labeling the Europeans as strategically illiterate.  Obviously, they must be if they cannot see this looming combination of American pundits’ two biggest bogeymen, right?  Wrong.

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